Sign Our Petition Amendment to the FDA on HFCS & Added Sugars

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HFCS contributes to diabetes, heart disease and other illnesses that our nation can’t afford. It needs to be more tightly regulated, in my opinion…

Stop the slow kill……

Please add Soy to this. More and more people are developing severe allergies to Soy and nearly all pre-packaged foods contain soy. This includes most breads, cereals, snack foods, even TV dinners. The problem is we don’t really know if they contain soy because right now all they have to put on the label is that it can contain canola oil, sunflower oil, peanut oil or soybean oil. There is no reason for there to be soy in bread except that many are using soy flour in breads and cakes and cookies etc. This is very dangerous because we don’t know if it contains soy and what kind because they are allowed to group these things on the labels. Thanks!

GMO labelling should be included.

Our government must know we demand Heath not government wealth

Just make what you eat. Since I don’t have bottles of HFCS in my cupboard, I find it extremely easy to avoid.

I am disgusted with the powerful food lobby that cares nothing for our health, only for money.

I am disgusted with the powerful food lobby that cares nothing for our health, only for money.

HFCS is a Manmade Chemical, manufactured from Genetically Modified Corn ( GMO ).
The USDA ( Obama appointee; TOM VILSAK / Monsanto ) buys up 200,000 Tons of Cane Sugar to subsidize the GMO Corn industry.
Mental illness, Depression, ADHD, AD, Cancers, are all promoted by HFCS and refined sugar.
Natural corn syrup is 1:1 Fructose : Glucose, Use HONEY!
Look up HFCS at , , Weston A. Price Foundation .

If God did not grow it, You do not want to know it. If HE did not make it, Do not take it !!
Live Long and Prosper ~(;O)~

I do not support this petition. Asking an agency that allows people to live miserably will not prevent people from living miserably by way of the same agency. Isn’t that straight common sense?

#1: Don’t eat processed foods. It’s hard to do when you are travelling, granted, but still not impossible.

#2: The FDA is useless. Asking them to regulate any more is as well.

#3: Work to end industrial food. This kind of food production is cruel and unsustainable. Animal cruelty doesn’t stop there. We’re animals too. Local farmers are directly responsible to their customers, as opposed to secretive corporations. AKA, state law is more powerful than Federal law.

#4: Bans and regulation don’t work. Boycotts and free choice does. Look, manufacturers are already making products without HFCS. Not because they want to, but because new organic companies’ products are beginning to steal their market share. The people are always stronger. Complacency by the people is equally as strong.

Down with HFCS!
Down with the government control that created HFCS!
Down with scientific, pesticide resistant GMO!
Down with the government control that created it!
Down with foreign, addictive substances in our food!

Up with personal responsibility in our food!
Up with the 10th amendment!
Up with nature derived food!
Up with making nature derived food better with science!

Damn it’s all so confusing.

This has also been shown to act like drug and can be addictive.

In lab test it has been shown to act like a addictive drug.

This does not go far enough for me, we need to ban this from all foods!

Mercury is used as part of the process to make HFCS and leaves a residue. When that research came out, the sugar industry fast tracked stevia after blocking it being approved as a sweetener for over 30 years to protect their patent on Nutrasweet/Aspartame. They didn’t want stevia taking away sales. The soda industry is so arrogant they starting advertising stevia on TV before it was even FDA approved as a sweetener. Why not, they decide what and when and then tell the government what to do right? All those years the FDA said it was not safe as a sweetener. FYI when attending a national school foodservice conference about seven years ago, the big convention center room where the food booths were located had a huge sign hanging from the ceiling that said “Isn’t it great that we have HFCS to keep the price of school food low. That is why they want to keep flavored milk and why they are trying to add aspartame to milk without having to put on the label, so they can get us to use it w/o our knowledge and stay hooked on that “super sweet” taste. Strawberry flavored milk contains an extra 50+ chemicals to make fake strawberry flavor but only says “artificial flavor” on label. Take all the great advice offered here from other comments and don’t even buy processed foods. Find a local organic farmer that can even deliver once a week to your door at or It get the best produce and eggs each week and the couple is also PhD professors of biology and geology. Fight for your body to have the best and sacrifice something else if you have too.

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