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CMS Intimidation

A contractor for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has interfered with consumer choice by sending letters…

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For more than two decades Citizens for Health has been a nonprofit pioneer in the natural health freedom movement. We believe…

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Help Congress Understand Dangers of Radioactive Contamination of Food and Water

On Monday, July 15, 2024, our partners at Fukushima Fallout Awareness Network, will assemble a panel of experts, including Citizens for Health’s President and Senior Policy Advisor, James Gormely to brief Congress about the ongoing problem of radioactive contamination of our food and water and what steps our legislators can take to mitigate contamination. Join us for an online briefing…

Sign the Petition: Protect Free Speech 4 Health!

Some of the most powerful forms of control are the ones we don’t see. Using complex algorithms and AI, private tech giants like Alphabet that own Google and YouTube wield unseen power, filtering what we see and don’t see. This restriction of free speech, as seen in YouTube’s new medical misinformation policy, hinders critical thought and prevents diverse perspectives around…

Artificial Sweeteners: More Bad News Means It’s Time to Bring Out the ‘Influencers’

2023 was not a sweet year for the artificial sweetener industry. In May the World Health Organization (WHO) stated that artificial sweeteners (what it calls non-sugar sweeteners, or NSS) do not “confer any long-term benefit” in weight loss. Even more alarming, the WHO says that using NSS over time may produce “undesirable effects” such as upping the risk of type…

ACTION ALERT: Coming Soon, More FDA-Sanctioned Toxic Additives in the Food Supply

By Linda Bonvie The glutamate industry has been trying for a very long time to promote MSG and other free glutamate-containing additives* as “good for you” ways to reduce sodium. Now, with a helping hand from their friends at the FDA, these brain-damaging additives will be used in even greater quantities and in foods where you might not expect to find…