Dental Mercury Linked to Risk for Brain Damage


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Dental group defends mercury fillings amid mounting evidence of risks

For decades, the American Dental Association has resolutely defended the safety of mercury fillings in the teeth of more than 100 million Americans, even muzzling dentists who dared to warn patients that such fillings might make them sick.

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At one point there were 17 mercury fillings in my teeth. I suffered from Galvanic action, gold on top of mercury. The ADA trained dentist is kept in the dark about the dangers of mercury and for that matter fluorine.

Great article! Another example of how money trumps public health. I had quite a few mercury fillings as a kid,now removed, and i’m positive that I suffered serious mental problems as a result. My child will never get mercury filings!

I am a retired Toxicology and Pathology professor who have worked in mercury research for over 30 years. I was also the Founding Director of the Div. of Environmental Health & Occupational Medicine (now The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences) at the National Health Research Institutes in Taiwan. I have always warned against the health risk with mercury amalgam used in dental fillings. Indeed, the mercury amalgam “leaks” very minute amount of mercury vapor into the patient’s mouth every time they eat, chew or drink hot fluids. Such “minute” amount, like drops of water from leaky faucets, may not do serious harm, but also like water dripping out from leaky faucets, when continues, it may eventually flood the room and ruin the entire floor and building.

Patient with mercury amalgam fillings indeed will not “feel” anything………….. Yearly later, when they feel “something” (diseases or disorders), they may not know to relate that back to that little filling that they have in their mouths years ago. Mercury is a silent killer. A mercury amalgam can be like an “enemy from within”, it hurts you while you are least aware of its harmful actions. Mercury is a general toxin, it affects multiple systems and organs in the body. Besides its well known neurological effects, it also alters the immune system leading to a variant of undesirable health effects, including cancer.

Fetus has been described as a “mercury trap”, “trapping” the mercury from the maternal body. Result ? An apparent healthy mother with a child with many potential health consequences………………

Mercury’s toxicity is known to mankind almost as long as human history. Its health effects are insidious and far more serious than those from cigarettes and alcohol. While both cigarettes and alcohols are under strict regulation, the use of mercury in dental amalgam is free from any regulations. Many European countries as well as countries in Asia are abandoning mercury amalgam as a dental filling, yet, the ADA in its infinite wisdom insist on its “safety”. It makes me wonder if the executives of ADA and their family members are filling their teeth with mercury amalgam fillings.

I appreciate the article exposing the dental mercury amalgam issue to the general public. I am not trying to say that FDA are bad guys (I have many good friends in FDA) or ADA is evil (ADA has made many admirable services in the past). I just want to make my comments on the ISSUE as a scientist, as a heavy metal toxicologist, as a private citizen and as a person of good conscience. I am not “insisting” anything here. I merely express my point of view based on facts that I know.

As pathologists frequently say “Let the evidence speak for itself”. I think that it is time for an open forum of debate (can even be on Public TV) on the issue of concern. Questions can be asked and answers must be made without bias. Let evidence-based science and facts decide what the real situation is. The people needs and deserves to know “what” is in their mouths and what potent risk and consequences they are facing. If each dentist is required to provide the true information about the mercury toxicity and the dental amalgam to their patients, how many people or parents will still be willing to give “permissions” for such usage on themselves or on their children ?

Louis W. Chang, Ph.D.

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