Rustum Roy & VoiceAmerica Launching New Show On Whole Person Healing


State College, PA – September 1, 2009

Rustum Roy, a world’s leading materials scientist and a member elected to National Academies of Science/Engineering of the U.S., Russia, Japan Sweden and India, will be hosting an Internet talk radio show with his international expert guests such as Drs Andrew Weil, Deepak Chopra, Larry Dossey and top healing authorities from around the world.

Starting September 12, 2009, on VoiceAmerica Health & Wellness Channel, the Whole Person Healing via Body, Mind and Spirit show will bring the most authoritative experts from all over the world to discuss the best information on the healing of body, mind and spirit ( Hosted by Prof. Rustum Roy, some of his first guests include Drs. Andrew Weil, Deepak Chopra, and Larry Dossey. This weekly live Internet talk radio show broadcasts Saturdays at 9 a.m. Pacific Time (12 noon Eastern Time) on VoiceAmerica™ Talk Radio Network; online at on the VoiceAmerica™ Health & Wellness Channel.

Starting the show on a signature note, three of the first guests—each the unchallenged world representative of his specialty—will represent the body, mind or spirit of Whole Person Healing. Appearing on the September 12 show, Andrew Weil, M.D., is the body-approach expert. Dr. Weil and his Program on Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona has done more than any group in the world to bring the wisdom of the world’s healing practices to the professional medical community, through his educational programs. In addition, Dr. Weil is the best-known and much admired face of wisdom on nutrition and exercise—most often self-help routes to health.

On September 19, Deepak Chopra, M.D., an endocrinologist and founder of The Chopra Center for Wellbeing in Carlsbad, California, is the most prominent medical figure in the TV and blog sphere. Time magazine placed him in the 100 iconic figures of the 20th century. Dr. Chopra’s polymathic mind itself illustrates the potential of our ‘mental’ capabilities, neither located in our brain nor localized to ourselves; he shows how this ‘consciousness’ can be a major force for healing of our own person, and of society.

Providing the latest insights on the spirit of WPH will be Larry Dossey, M.D. Appearing on October 3, Dr. Dossey is, without near competition, the world’s scientific authority on the reality of spiritual healing. His startup and editing of two pioneering journals in the field of WPH exemplifies his rigor in dealing with the real science of spiritual healing. His dozen books on the subject, each so meticulously researched, that it is incredible that anyone who studies them can ever question the reality of healing via the spiritual vector.

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