ACTION ALERT: Virus-Smashing Supplement Combo

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ACTION ALERT: Our fellow health-freedom fighters at the Alliance for Natural Health USA (ANH-USA) have optimistically and correctly emphasized that evidence continues to mount for the power of natural medicine to keep us healthy during this and future viral pandemics. That is why we share in their confusion and frustration about continuing threats to access from the FDA, Congress, and the President. Action Alert!

ANH-USA goes on to explain:

A new study found that a mixture of zinc, copper, and plant flavonoids inhibited viral replication in lab tests by as much as 50 percent. The researchers tested the compounds on human lung cells in the lab against RNA viruses, including those that cause the flu and the common cold.

The scientists write, “Such an inexpensive combination of dietary supplements would be highly advantageous to have, alongside vaccines, as a safe prevention method affecting various RNA respiratory viruses.”ACTION ALERT: doctor holding IV bag containing fruit

Findings such as this make the recent political moves against supplements all the more enraging. We detailed these moves in recent coverage. Momentum is starting to build around the supplement “hit list” (known as mandatory product registration): it has the support of President Biden; key Senate members support it, meaning it can move quickly through committee; and we know the FDA wants it.

The main threat of mandatory product registration is its interplay with other FDA regulations, particularly the “new supplement” regulations that have not yet been completed. Mandatory product registration would give the FDA an easy way to seek out supplements that are not in compliance with the very problematic “new supplement” guidance and remove those products from the market. As we’ve explained previously, this guidance is a power grab by the FDA in that it creates a drug-like pre-approval system for “new” supplements when the law simply called for a notification system for these products. According to an economic analysis, this could mean more than 41,000 supplements are threatened.

With support from powerful players, all from the same political party that currently has control of the House, Senate and Presidency, everything has come together for this policy to move rapidly to become law. We must stop it.

We at CFH stand in solidarity with ANH-USA and ask you to write to Congress and tell them to oppose “mandatory filing” for supplements. Please click here to send your message immediately. Please also forward this alert to three friends and ask them to act. We need all hands on deck to defeat this proposal being pushed by Senator Durbin!

Link to action:

Shared with permission from ANH-USA. Original article published 4/19/22.

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