Additives? BADditives!

Additives in today’s foods are more prevalent than ever. Preservatives, GMOs, foods declared safe for consumption despite never being tested – how does one sort it all out? Even the most basic products can have ingredients intended to affect appearance, shelf-life, texture, while contributing nothing to nutritional value – and many can be simply and directly harmful to your health!

But just how bad for you and your family are those additives commonly found in processed food products? How did they come to be allowed in food? Which ones are the worst offenders, the ones you should take particular care to avoid altogether?

As a conscientious consumer, you no doubt read ingredient labels before you put processed food items in your shopping cart. Still, many of the things that should raise red flags when it comes to your health and the health of your children might not be that apparent.

Well, knowing what you need to know has now become a whole lot easier.  badditives cover

In Badditives! The 13 Most Harmful Food Additives in Your Diet and How to Avoid Them, journalists Linda and Bill Bonvie, who for several years wrote the Citizens for Health “Food Identity Theft” blog, have identified a rogues’ gallery of the “worst of the worst” ingredients out there. 

And if you think you already know what they are, some of the information you’ll find in this book might knock your socks off!

These “badditives” include things that are listed on ingredient labels, but also some things that aren’t – or that appear under various disguises. In fact, you might never even have thought of some of them as being additives in the first place, let alone recognized they were hazardous to your health.

Some of the revelations shared by the Bonvies contradict conventional and popular wisdom – but all of it is based on sound, cutting edge science and studies done by leading universities and research facilities. 

The book includes a foreword from CFH Board Chair James S. Turner and is already available, so you have plenty of time to check it out, share it with friends, and read it again – all in time for Read Your Labels Day, 4/11/17! See for yourself now – you can order it here.







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