Citizens For Health

Oct 29, 2016: The Transpartisan Review Blog Special Note #1

Terrence M. Cunningham, President of the International Association of Chiefs of Police and Chief of the Wellesley, MA police force offered and apology for historic mistreatment of minorities by police. To a standing ovation of 16,000 assembled police officials he decried the fact that police had become the ‘face of oppression for far too many of our fellow citizens’.

Oct 25, 2016: The Transpartisan Review Blog #17

The Presidential campaign has been offered little substantive discussion of issues. Media leaders affirm their responsibility for keeping the political debate honest and responsible. This mostly means correcting misstatements of fact. But we think the responsibility should be broader.

Oct 20, 2016: The Transpartisan Review Blog #16

The Conservative Transpartisan Role by A. Lawrence Chickering and James S. Turner People often note that transpartisan meetings attract mostly people from the left but few conservatives. Even though a number of ‘conservative’ leaders are transpartisans (Grover Norquist, Hernando de Soto, Rich Tafel, Bill Shireman, Ralph Benko, Michael Ostrolenk, and others), they are minority participants in transpartisan gatherings. The issue…