Benzoyl Peroxide


10 Dec: Stop Using Harmful Chemicals On Your Face

Most of today’s widely used acne treatments use a harsh chemical — benzoyl peroxide (BP) — as the active ingredient.  While still approved by the FDA, benzoyl peroxide has been banned by the European Union in all over the counter skin care products as well as in any food product.   Benzoyl peroxide is a powerful bleaching agent and if there…


10 Dec: Zap Acne with This All Natural Treatment

At one point in your life, you have probably been affected by acne. You might even have a blemish or two right now. Maybe you’re the parent of a teenager battling acne. Did you know that most common over the counter acne medication contain benoyl peroxide, a chemical found to promote tumors in mice, according to an 1995 FDA action?…