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At Citizens for Health we are watching closely as the global and local ramifications of the spread of COVID-19 continue to develop. We are bringing information to your attention in the interests of empowering more fully informed consumers. The opinions expressed in COVID Corner are those of the individuals or groups who write the statements. Only items signed by the Citizens for Health Team represent the views of Citizens for Health. Citizens for Health is committed to advancing and protecting Consumers' Right to Informed Choice. We believe in the intelligence, capability and commitment of health consumers to collect, review and evaluate information from a wide variety of sources and make the choices that they believe best serve their personal health interests. The information in COVID Corner is presented with this intention.
ACTION ALERT: doctor holding IV bag containing fruit

19 Mar: The Bonvie Blog: Coronavirus – Why aren’t we using high-dose IV-C to treat Coronavirus patients?

How is it that a safe, natural substance, one found to bring patients back from the brink of death numerous times, could be dismissed as hype and nonsense when it comes to the Coronavirus? Such is the case with vitamin C – specifically high-dose amounts administered in an IV. Not that this treatment is totally foreign to all U.S. doctors….


12 Mar: Setting Up a Home-Based Intensive Health Care Center

Hello, Everyone! In this post: Dr. Mark Sircus, AC, OMD, DM (P) – Natural Allopath Medicines (nutrients) recommended by Dr. Sircus to have and use at home Dr. Sircus: dosages and treatments for Coronavirus infections Nutrient home delivery methods Considerations when using nutrients as medicine Supplement recommendations Dr. Sircus protocol: treatments and products (includes cancer, the ultimate immune challenge) Three…