Food Safety

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07 Jul: Help Congress Understand Dangers of Radioactive Contamination of Food and Water

On Monday, July 15, 2024, our partners at Fukushima Fallout Awareness Network, will assemble a panel of experts, including Citizens for Health’s President and Senior Policy Advisor, James Gormely to brief Congress about the ongoing problem of radioactive contamination of our food and water and what steps our legislators can take to mitigate contamination. Join us for an online briefing…

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11 Jun: Nuclear Fallout Contaminating Our Food – Increase Testing NOW

Kimberly Roberson:                                              CindyFolkers: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Japan plans to release over one million tons of radioactive wastewater into the Pacific; U.S. groups demand FDA establish safer rules for radionuclides in food, say current guidelines lag behind science,…

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09 Sep: ‘Fowl’ Play with Chicken Rules Could Conceivably Bring About the Next Pandemic

In the midst of a pandemic with a pivotal election fast approaching, I would like to talk to you about chicken. And if you’re a member of the chicken-eating public, it could well affect how you feel about those nuggets, breasts, chicken soups and salads – and all the other ways we feast on fowl. The National Chicken Council (NCC)…


23 Oct: Supplement Labels are Changing – Be #LabelWise

Consumers have a wide variety of choice when it comes to purchasing dietary supplements—choice that exists in selecting product categories and specific products as well as choosing the company or source that sells them. Some choices are smarter than others, and consumers would be wise to do their homework. Supplement labels are changing in 2020. Time to get #LabelWise!