Food/Water Integrity

27 Sep: Citizens for Health Launches New Website!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Primary Media Contact: Kevin Sanchez Hollenbeck Associates (415) 227-1150 ext. 10 Alerts Consumers to Deceptive Product Packaging WASHINGTON, DC – As the nation’s food integrity is under attack by profit-hungry corporations, and consumers are being…

21 Sep: Cloned Salmon – Labeling Is Not the Issue: Safety and Ethics Are

Two days of public hearings have passed on the approval of the first genetically engineered (GE) animal intended for human consumption, the AquAdvantage GE salmon — including a U.S. Food and drug Administration (FDA) hearing today to discuss whether or not these GE fish should be labeled as such if they are approved; a 60-day public comment period on the labeling issue will be open until November 22, 2010. But the question of labeling presupposes that allowing is a done deal, despite the fact that the FDA has made up its mind in the absence of proof of any kind, much less anything resembling definitive evidence of safety: for salmon, for the environment and for humans.