27 Jul: How to Search Using PubMed and other Life Science Databases

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, July 25, 2020 by Robert G. Smith, PhD (OMNS July 25, 2020) The PubMed database is widely used to find health-related articles about a wide variety of topics. It references articles from hundreds of journals, both domestic USA and international. PubMed contains citations and information from life science journals and online books originally…

19 Sep: The Gormley Files – Preserving Our Natural Resources Preserves Health

Good news! The bill referred to below passed the Senate on October 10 – thanks to all who sent messages to their Senators! Read more here: Senate Must Pass The Water Resources Development Act by James J. Gormley Fixing our water issues is perhaps the most important priority for the state of Florida, the region and the country. On…

27 Jul: The Transpartisan Review Blog #4

America has a representative government. Voters elect leaders who appoint civil servants, and they implement ‘public policy’. This works for much public business, but in areas involving social services—school reform, drug rehabilitation, criminal justice, race relations, poverty and even security policy, results fall far short of aspirations.

24 Apr: Unlocking Hidden Allergies at the Core of Your Unexplained Symptoms

By Leo Galland, M.D., Author, The Allergy Solution Are you tired all the time, and don’t know why? Do you have headaches or joint pain or brain fog or digestive problems? Have you put on weight and find that you just can’t lose it? I want to explore with you the unsolved mystery of those common complaints that just won’t…