Social Justice

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19 Sep: Tribute to Jim Turner

By James Gormley I was pleasantly surprised, in 2004, when Ana Micka reached out to me at the suggestion of Jim Turner. The CUNY Graduate Center was holding a symposium on globalism and Citizens needed somebody to talk about the EU Supplements Directive and Codex, and about how common ground could be found between consumers and industry. Finding common ground…

27 Jul: The Transpartisan Review Blog #4

America has a representative government. Voters elect leaders who appoint civil servants, and they implement ‘public policy’. This works for much public business, but in areas involving social services—school reform, drug rehabilitation, criminal justice, race relations, poverty and even security policy, results fall far short of aspirations.

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04 Jul: Introducing The Transpartisan Review Project

Dear Citizen for Health, Below is an introduction to The Transpartisan Review project. My co-author, Lawry Chickering, and I are developing the Review to expand the themes in our 2008 book Voice of the People: The Transpartisan Imperative in American Life. I think it is of special importance and relevance to Citizens for Health because health is one of the largest arenas where people from…

01 Feb: Hershey Will Offer Certified Chocolate Following Consumer-Driven Campaign

Company announces new commitment to buying Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa after hearing from over 100,000 consumers; takes first step to addressing child labor WASHINGTON, D.C.///February 1, 2012/// The Hershey Company announced yesterday that it will make its first commitment to sourcing independently certified cocoa for its Bliss line by the end of 2012. The announcement was made days before International…