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Suzanne Jenkins is a health freedom fighter and blogger who espouses "functional medicine" as a means of maintaining health and wellness - a strategy that recognizes that good health starts with knowledgeable patients. Her dedication to alternative medicine began in 1982 as a response to a loved one's cancer diagnosis, and through her newsletter she now shares compelling information and resources that we believe will increase your confidence in making your own health and wellness decisions. Ms. Jenkins has graciously agreed to share some of the results of her research via this page, so stay tuned and visit often!


Jul 27, 2020: Introducing EAT TO BEAT DISEASE

Hello, Everyone, Molecular medicine has finally been joined by molecular nutrition which is being brought to us by  Dr. William Li, MD, New York Times bestselling author of  EAT TO BEAT DISEASE: the New Science of How Your Body Can Heal Itself.  Perhaps you have seen  Dr. Li’s Ted Talk or one of his YouTube video presentations. Dr. William Li…

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Jun 10, 2020: Immune System: Under OUR Control to Prevent/Treat Infection

Hello, Everyone, COVID-19 certainly has changed our lives in general and our relationship to others in our species in particular. Interesting that 60 countries are calling for an independent investigation of how WHO (World Health Organization) has handled the pandemic or “plan-demic” which has determined our CDC, FDA, and media response. Aside from all of the uncertainties actual and fabricated,…


May 06, 2020: Suzanne’s Detox Tea

Suzanne’s Detoxification Tea Nice taste (with a little added Sweetleaf Stevia liquid for we humans)! You would never know this is good for you and pleasant These items come from Natural Grocers in small packets: * Milk thistle root * Dandelion root * Burdock root * Parsley root * Juniper berries * Nettles * Rosemary * Sage leaf * Oat…


Apr 10, 2020: COVID-19: Austin Compounding Pharmacy on Supplements and Nebulizing

Hello, Everyone, Our own Austin pharmacist, Tom Schnorr – who runs Austin Compounding Pharmacy at 3010 Bee Caves Rd. – is a supporter of nebulizing with a combination of glutathione and saline for COVID-19, heavy metals, and immune system disorders. Unfortunately, Texas is one of 5 states that requires a prescription to purchase a nebulizer although it is possible to…

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Apr 01, 2020: Vitamin C and an Interview with Dr. Andrew Saul, Premiere Authority on the Use of Vitamin C

Hello, Everyone, Dr. Andrew Saul – the premier authority on the use of Vitamin C, gives you the information you need as well as letting those in your sphere of influence know that Vitamin C is being used to fight COVID-19 in OTHER countries. Our government and media disseminate “false news and dis-information” when they declare we individuals can NOT…


Mar 12, 2020: Setting Up a Home-Based Intensive Health Care Center

Hello, Everyone! In this post: Dr. Mark Sircus, AC, OMD, DM (P) – Natural Allopath Medicines (nutrients) recommended by Dr. Sircus to have and use at home Dr. Sircus: dosages and treatments for Coronavirus infections Nutrient home delivery methods Considerations when using nutrients as medicine Supplement recommendations Dr. Sircus protocol: treatments and products (includes cancer, the ultimate immune challenge) Three…