Transpartisan Review

16 Mar: Transpartisan Review Blog #37

On March 7th one hundred US Senators, the Senate’s entire membership, asked the leading law enforcement officials of the Trump administration for help in ending “the deeply troubling series of anonymous bomb threats made against … buildings affiliated with Jewish organizations or institutions across the country.”

08 Mar: Transpartisan Review Blog #36

Oscar’s Transpartisan Moment by A. Lawrence Chickering and James S. Turner And the Academy Award [Beatty hesitates] for Best Picture ‘. . . La La Land . . .’  The marvelous Faye Dunaway delivered, likely, the most memorable words, ‘La La Land’,  of her nearly sixty years of memorable performances. Her escort for the moment, the hesitating Warren Beatty, stared…

01 Mar: Transpartisan Review Blog #35

Twelve days ago Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger, former California governor, released a video attack on gerrymandering called ‘Why Congress Is Worse Than Herpes’. Since then the video, released on ATTN: (pronounced ‘attention’), has received 22,237,520 views. The people are interested.

16 Feb: Transpartisan Review Blog #33

Glimpses of a Transpartisan Foreign Policy by A. Lawrence Chickering and James S. Turner U.S. policy experts widely believe that the world order requires strong American engagement. When American engagement becomes weak or uncertain, the order weakens, and aggression and disorder start to become visible and grow. The Cold War underscored this belief. ‘Containment’ of Soviet expansion won bipartisan support…

05 Feb: Transpartisan Review Blog #31

“I have a running war with the media. They’re scum. They are horrible people. . . . [T]he media is the opposition party in many ways,” Trump says of the media. “You are a liar,” the media says of Trump. More eyeballs watched each. The attention boosted the ratings of both. We think they often speak different languages.

25 Jan: The Transpartisan Review Blog #30

October 31, 2016, 499 years to the date after Martin Luther challenged the Catholic Church, Pope Francis traveled to Lutheran Sweden, to recognize Luther and lead off a yearlong acknowledgement of the Protestant Reformation that divided Christianity into feuding sects.

20 Jan: The Transpartisan Review Blog #29

Formed in the 1790s, Jefferson’s Democratic-Republicans and Alexander Hamilton’s Federalists were the country’s, and thus the world’s, first political parties. The Democratic-Republicans believed in an agrarian-based, decentralized, democratic government.