Citizens For Health Statement Regarding Current Action Request

By Jim Turner

The CDC says “By law, parents, guardians, or patients must be given information in writing about the risks and benefits of vaccination before a vaccine is administered.” The CDC also recognizes that: “All states offer medical exemptions (individuals who are immune-compromised, have allergic reactions to vaccine constituents, have moderate or severe illness, etc.).”

It is our policy to oppose all mandatory vaccinations and to support all exemptions, religious, philosophical and medical. If these exemptions were required for the swine flu program, which is what our action seeks, then the swine flu vaccination would be voluntary – which is our objective. If informed consent were also required, which our action seeks, this would further emphasize the point that all vaccinations should be voluntary–i.e. there should be no vaccine mandates. “No vaccine mandates” is our position. Our action alert is designed to advance this outcome. We would be delighted to receive from you any suggestions about additional ways that our shared objective of prohibiting all vaccine mandates might be achieved.

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Comments (2)

What has happened with this lawsuit???

Why are there no follow ups?

This is important to millions of others out there and the public cannot support any measure if they are not kept informed on the progress or stages of a lawsuit. It’s not like we can follow this like a bill.

Please keep us informed.

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