COVID-19: Theories and Nebulizing for Prevention and Treatment

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We are watching life as we knew it a few months ago change dramatically as a result of COVID-19.  We were caught with our pants down when faced with this new virus that no human immune system has encountered.  Suffice it to say, watching human behavior regarding COVID-19 is anything but static or boring.  The turf on which new discoveries and information regarding COVID-19 are being made is still shifting.

What should be crystal clear is that our total reliance on “a pill for every ill” or “an injection for every disease” is based on the prevailing germ theory, a philosophy that has come up short for COVID-19.  There is NO drug, NO vaccine, and NO treatment for COVID-19.  Also, there is NO plan in place from conventional allopathic medicine WITHOUT drugs and vaccines.  Natural allopathic medicine does exist but it is the arm of medicine that is mostly ignored except inside the emergency room where good doctors know how to use magnesium, bicarbonate of soda, selenium, and even Vitamins C and D along with prescription medicines.

COVID-19 is an enveloped virus from the Coronavirus family along with SARS and MERS.  Enveloped viruses feature a lipid membrane surrounding their protein shell and genome (a complete set of genetic information necessary for the organism to function).  The lipid envelope membrane makes COVID-19 vulnerable to hand washing and cleansing surfaces with at least 70 percent isopropyl alcohol.  Washing hands and cleansing surfaces and objects are good.  Sheltering-in-place relieves the medical community by flattening the curve or spreading out the incidence of COVID-19 cases so hospitals and doctors are not inundated with patients and wind up having to engage in triage by deciding who lives or dies based on available resources.

Mixture of politics, medicine, and money determines policy

Unfortunately, the mixture of politics, medicine, and money has clouded what could be a better medical system and provide better outcomes for patients.  Theories come and theories go.  Currently, we operate under the allopathic model based, by law, on the germ theory.  Only MDs and DOs can diagnose, treat, mitigate, and cure disease.  Everyone outside those two identities has to include a disclaimer.  Even disclaimers from MDs and DOs are necessary if the recommendations are outside standard-of-care, a legal term – NOT a medical term.

Politicians and their policy setters, American  medicine, and media are one and the same when it comes to deciding what is “fake news” or “dis-information” and who gets censored for not adhering to the dominant theory.  Even though a number of American hospitals and doctors are now using intravenous Vitamin C on COVID-19 patients based on China’s successful experience with it and the success of other countries, you will NOT hear an apology from the media for labeling Vitamin C “fake news” and slandering doctors who promote Vitamin C in light of Vitamin C’s long history of successfully treating viral infections.

In fact, another physician – Dr. Paul Marik, MD – developed a successful protocol for Sepsis in 2017 using intravenous Vitamin C + Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) + hydrocortisone.  Sepsis is a major killer in hospitals – wouldn’t you think the powers-that-be would jump on this one to save lives?  Not a chance!

So, how did we get where we are, medically speaking?

Medical theories

Medical theories on the cause of disease shift.  Prior to Pasteur, medicine thought disease was a result of “spontaneous generation.”  Along came Louis Pasteur (Dec. 27, 1822 – Sept. 28,1895), a 19th century French biologist, microbiologist, and chemist, who advocated that germs are bad and should be killed. Hence “the germ theory” was attributed to Pasteur and his germ theory is the backbone of western medicine’s reliance on drugs and vaccines.

On the other hand, Antonie Béchamp (Oct. 16, 1816 – Apr. 15, 1908) – a 19th century chemist and contemporary of Pasteur – advocated for the cellular theory which is almost completely opposite to that of Pasteur’s germ theory.  Béchamp argued that microbes became dangerous when the health of the host – its “terrain” or environment – deteriorates.  The idea is that if the person has a strong immune system and good tissue quality (or “terrain” as Béchamp called it), the germ will NOT manifest in the person.  It is when health starts to decline (due to personal neglect and poor lifestyle choices) that people become victim to infections.  We can add to that list specific risk factors for COVID -19  such as age, autoimmune disease, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, lung disease, kidney disease, obesity, etc.

Béchamp’s idea that microorganisms are necessary for good health, and that beneficial microbiota are pathogenic under the wrong conditions or in the wrong place, is now the standard view of researchers who study the microbiology of animals and plants. A new science of the microbiome – meaning, simply, the microorganisms in an environment – emphasizes that all plants and animals on Earth evolved in combination with microorganisms and asks how microbiota interact with their hosts (including us).

The gut microbiome is home to 70 to 80% of our immune system.  Understanding how to nurture the gut microbiome and therefore the immune system, gives us better control over preventing and treating illness – including COVID-19.

I see both theories – the germ theory and the cellular theory – as complementary.  The integrative medicine model and the newer kid on the block – the functional medicine model – have more tools in their toolboxes than the drugs and vaccines of the conventional allopathic medical model.  If it is too late to ward off a disease, the smart thing to do in the case of COVID-19 is to use every good treatment option from MULTIPLE MEDICAL DISCIPLINES to save patients.  Patients, NOT ideology, should be the winners.

Currently, if you have symptoms you are told to call your Primary Care Physician (PCP) and NOT go to the hospital.  You will most likely be told to go home, shelter in place, use Tylenol for very high fever, use what you know to reduce other uncomfortable symptoms, and come to the hospital when symptoms have progressed to the point that you cannot breathe.

At this point:
* Phase 1) prevention is no longer possible;
* Phase 2) containment may have protected others from you but not you;
* Phase 3) now the situation is considered an emergency and time to go to ER.

The sick CANNOT get tested unless they are sick enough to go to emergency because tests are in short supply and their use is rationed.  The news coming out of New York, the hardest hit state, is that only 20% of people put on ventilators survive.  That means if the people are sick enough to be put on a ventilator in New York, 80% will die.

These statistics should provide enough incentive to look at the recommendations of those physicians with a plan to prevent COVID-19 or treat IMMEDIATELY.

Doctors with the White Hats to the rescue

Excellent physicians are both preventing and treating COVID-19 and showing us how to start working on ourselves at the BEGINNING of symptoms.

The time to call the fire department is NOT when the entire house is engulfed in flames.  The time to stop this virus, or any virus, is at the outset of symptoms BEFORE too many good cells have been hijacked by COVID-19 and become incubators for viral replication.  When a good cell becomes infected by the virus, it becomes a virus factory.  When the now hijacked cell bursts, it spews more virus into your circulation looking for other cells to hijack.  This process repeats itself multiple times making you sicker and more difficult to treat .

Summary of nebulizing recommendations and comments

I would like to introduce you to Dr. Paul Frank, MD, Dr. David Brownstein, MD,  Dr. Frank Shallenberger,MD, and Dr. Mark Sircus, OMD, and their nebulizing recommendations for COVID-19.  The following is a summary of items one needs:

Assess the contents of your human repair kit and acquire the following medical devices and solutions:ProNeb Nubulizer

1) Pulse Oximeter (Amazon) or a pulse oximeter app for your cell phone.

2a) Nebulizer WITHOUT prescription (The CPAP Shop, The Oxygen Concentrator Supplies Shop), Ph: 888-941-1688 or Jose at 856-246-5710.

* Drive Power Neb Ultra (now owned by DeVilbiss) for $36.99 (#18080). Anyone on Atrovent medication needs the Drive-type nebulizer that has the longer horizontal tube attachment.
* Philips Respironics InnoSpire Essence Nebulizer at $31.99 (#1099966).
* Other possibilities without prescription: Amazon and eBay

2b) Nebulizer WITH prescription, local: Tom Schnorr at Austin Compounding Pharmacy sells the Omron NEC-801 at $55.00.

3) Medline Sterile Saline Solutions, 0.9% in 250ml bottles for nebulizing  (from Health Products For You online)

4) Iodine as Lugol’s, 5% or double dose at 2% for nebulizing (5% from Crowe or 2% from Amazon).

5) Hydrogen peroxide 3% for nebulizing (in short supply: call various pharmacies and see who has it, limit 2 16oz bottles at CVS).

6) One 3cc syringe makes it easy to draw up 3cc of saline to add to the nebulizer cup.  Add a couple of drops of either hydrogen peroxide OR a couple of drops of iodine to the saline (NOT both at the same time – alternate).  It takes about 10 minutes to run a single nebulizer treatment.  The amount of solution in the nebulizer cup is about 3cc or close to 2/3 of a teaspoon for each treatment.

Be Healthy,
Suzanne Jenkins

Disclaimer: Only MD’s by law can make medical claims. Therefore, these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The contents of this post are for informational purposes only and are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician (preferably a physician practicing functional medicine) or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

Nebulizer photo courtesy of ImGz at English Wikipedia, under CC BY-SA 3.0

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Is it possible to use Lugols or Hydrogen Peroxide in a CPAP system? It would both provide the needed medication and would sterilize the CPAP equipment.

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