Donate to a Help Fund Research into Inoculation Induced Injuries

Study will investigate the effects of an aloe multinutrient supplement on several behavior disorders including autistic spectrum disorders, mood disorders, depression, psychosis etc.

Freedom of Health Information is something that Citizens For Health continues to fight for, just as we have for the past 21 years. You have partnered with us during that time, petitioning Congress, the FDA, and other government entities to stand for health freedom. Now, we are asking that you partner with us again in the next phase of health freedom.

Billions of dollars are wasted on meaningless research, making little difference in the health or healthcare of our citizens. It’s time for a change.

Citizens For Health is asking for your donations towards research that makes a difference.


Aloe Vera has been used for centuries, and is well-known for healing externally. Recently, a study with moderately to severely impaired Alzheimer’s patients revealed significant internal improvement. Brain function improved, and CD 14 Stem Cells from the patients’ own bone marrow increased an average of 377% over the course of the year long study. (Refer to the Upcoming CFH Education Foundation page of the Alzheimer’s research).

There is reason to believe that such results may also apply to other kinds of brain injuries, such as inoculation injured people. $75,000 is needed to research 100 inoculation injured people over the course of one year. These people will receive aloe Vera capsules to be consumed daily.

Results will be tabulated after 12, 32, and 52 weeks, and will be reported to you via the Citizens For Health Education Foundation. Your donation will make an impact not only in the lives of 100 people participating in the research, but potentially many others who suffer from various injuries resulting from side effects of inoculations.

Thank you for your financial investment in the next step of health freedom!