FDA “Protectin?g” the Public from Locally Grown, High Quality Food: An Interview with Deborah Stockton

Powerful corporate interests  have become proficient in colluding with the state to shield themselves from having to compete in the free market. In this podcast, Deborah Stockton, Executive Director of the National Independent Consumers & Farmers Association speaks with Michael Ostrolenk about how the heavy-hand of government over-regulation is forcing many small, independent farms across the United States to close.  The FDA labyrinth of  “food safety” rules do not actually protect the public but rather protect the corporate farming industry from competition while restricting consumers’ access to high-quality, locally-grown food.

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To try and restrict home growth of food and its processing is a ridiculous, unnecessary Law That is unduly restrictive on personal freedom. The regulation needs to be on the commercial-Factory farms. and These regulations should be under the department of Agriculture. Locally grown Produce that has not been picked green or shipped long distances is preferable as are Organic products without the use of Pesticides and GMO seed. Plowing is a agricultural necessity to maintain the condition of the soil.and availability of nutrition and minerals to the plants. People allowing these processes need to know at least basic biological laws and processes which most do not..

It is necessary to teach proper food handling and preparation to both men and women at the High School level as well as basic infectious disease control. Wash your vegetables,fruits and cook meet adequately as well as hand washing before handling and cutting board cleaning.

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