Fukushima Fallout Awareness Network’s Thanksgiving Recipe For a Healthier Future

FFAN's Recipe for a Happy Thanksgiving
  1. ffan_flyerDonate your time and/or money to FFAN’s crucial effort today!
  2. Sign FFAN’s Food Safety Petition: “Say Bye Bye Becquerels!”
    Keep harmful radioactivity out of our children’s food.
  3. Submit Your Comment to the FDA: Insist they lower the acceptable levels of radioactive contaminants allowable in our food supply.
  4. Write a Letter (sample here) to your Representative to demand FDA do their jobs to protect our families by monitoring our food supply.
  5. Join FFAN on Facebook to get up-to-date information. Radiation continues to emit from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plans, affecting the global environment and food supply. Education and awareness are key.
  6. Donate $5 to FFAN Today! Help us continue this vital work.

Please share FFAN’s recipe with family and friends. Let’s give our children a chance for a healthy life.

Happy Thanksgiving! http://FFAN.us

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