Getting Smarter about the Smart Grid; New Report on ‘Smart’ Meters, EMF, and Government (mis-)Spending

Citizens for Health is calling attention to the new report, “Getting Smarter About the Smart Grid” because, in addition to the wasted money, unsafe technology, intrusions on privacy, and manipulation of energy bills, so called “smart” meters are alleged to pose serious health hazards to a significant number of people.

Please read the material below and urge your Senators and Member of Congress to look into the “smart” meter question and support holding public hearings on the problems that “smart” meters pose. — Click here to take simple, swift, and effective action.

“Decentralizing power by distributing it is part of an evolutionary trend that began when PCs replaced centralized mainframes making computing power available to all. We have seen this movement, as well, in the breakup of the telephone industry, the burgeoning of locally grown farmers markets, development of the mutli-billion dollar natural health market, and the growing mobile applications (apps) industry–which is transforming the recording, movie and education markets. According to the founder of the first one trillion dollar company, Visa, it developed around the principles of distributing power, diversity, and ingenuity. Apple, likely to be the first company to be capitalized at one trillion dollars, kicked off the distributed economy with personal communication devices. Dr. Schoechle’s new report points the way to how federal energy policy can facilitate the democratization of energy generation–allowing the cumbersome and inefficient energy sector of the economy to join the burgeoning consumer driven markets–by investing in the right smart grid technologies. Such investing will ultimately be a boon for our economy, including not only for consumers but also for the investors, managers, and suppliers of energy production. The movement toward a decentralized economy has the potential to be as significant as the industrial revolution. It is in nobody’s interest for the energy sector to be left out of this transformation.” — James S. Turner, Board Chair of Citizens for Health

Here are the report’s press release short form, full website, and pdf.

Here is the complete report, “Getting Smarter About the Smart Grid.”

To dive right into the report and the issues it discusses, listen to thisĀ media and community conference call led by these four leaders in Smart Grid improvement and attended by over one hundred people.

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