GOP Debate Spotlights Vaccination Safety, Choice

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Lives ruined, “Gardasil Girls” abandoned by CDC, manufacturers & media

ST. PAUL, MN – Vaccine consumers were shortchanged yet again by media’s selective reporting of Rep. Michele Bachmann’s HPV vaccine comments from last week’s Tea Party debate. Whatever one’s opinion of Republican Presidential candidate Bachmann, the seriousness of vaccine injury was lost to many journalists’ indulgences in bias, jingoism and ignorance.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune found demagoguery irresistible, inaccurately titling its editorial “Bachmann’s foolish attack on vaccines.” The subhead, “Congresswoman’s fear-mongering put politics over health,” was unintentionally ironic, especially given the Strib’s consistent failure to investigate many readers’ vaccine injuries and legitimate product safety concerns.

In 2006 the HPV vaccine was recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. A few years later the U.S. Centers for Disease Control stated, “As of June 22, 2011… VAERS [the federal Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System] received a total of 18,727 reports of adverse events following Gardasil® vaccination.” A total of 2,799 adverse events were classified as “Serious,” including encephalopathy (brain damage). 98 deaths have been reported.

In 2009 CBS News quoted Dr. Scott Ratner, whose wife is also a physician, saying one of their daughters became severely ill after a shot of Gardasil: “My daughter went from a varsity lacrosse player at Choate to a chronically ill, steroid-dependent patient with autoimmune myofasciitis.”

Girls injured by HPV vaccines have little recourse – medical treatments are few and vaccine injury research is minimal. Teenaged victims have taken their stories to Facebook and YouTube. Websites like list victims’ symptoms and photos. A documentary on HPV vaccine injury, “One More Girl,” is currently being filmed by ThinkExist Productions.

Glossed over in most media is possible influence peddling by Governor Rick Perry’s former chief of staff Mike Toomey, who went to work for Merck, the manufacturer of the Gardasil HPV vaccine. The legislative group Women In Government was courted by HPV vaccine manufacturers; a subsequent 2007 Minnesota HPV vaccine bill sponsored by WIG attendees was defeated.

The Washington Post did run “Perry’s Financial Ties to Merck Run Deep” on 9/14/11, but concluded with this tepid caveat: “[S]ome experts have said they are concerned that there is insufficient evidence about how long Gardasil’s protection will last, whether serious side effects will emerge and whether a reduction in infections will necessarily translate into fewer cancers.”

Despite these unanswered questions, a bill to allow 12-year-olds to get the HPV vaccine without parents’ consent is on the desk of California Governor Jerry Brown. Yet few media outlets have reported on the myriad negative implications of this usurpation of parental health care rights.

Media’s repeated failure to investigate vaccine safety issues is perhaps best summarized this week in an insightful analysis by Alison Bass, a Brandeis and Mount Holyoke journalism professor, science writer, Pulitzer Prize nominee, and author of the book “Side Effects”:

“I wish the media would use this opportunity to explore the public health ramifications of allowing a drug manufacturer to aggressively target the wrong population for an expensive and possibly unnecessary vaccine.”


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Comments (48)

They are now trying to get parents to vaccinate the adolecent boys as well. There are ads in all the magazines. It is frightening that the media refuses to cover these issues.


Great article. I wish someone in the government or in the media were a holistic nutritionist (not a RD as most are tied to Big Food, Big Pharma, etc.) and teach those in power that vaccines don’t work.

Big pharmaceutical companies weld a huge influence over the legislative branches of our federal and state governments. They are in the business of making profits and our children and elderly and anyone else without the power to do otherwise are their fodder. The more shots, the greater the profit and stock holder return. Give a hoot about the side effects and dangers. Its profits full speed ahead. You see flu shots being offered everywhere. In addition HPV and so many more vaccines being required when good science shows their effectiveness is nil. Its also entirely possible that there may be something much more sinister at work.

Thank you for posting this! Those of us who know the facts about this issue have been angry for days at the way the media has mocked Michelle Bachmann for speaking the truth. I urge everyone I know to EDUCATE themselves as to the safety and lack of efficacy of ALL recommended vaccines on the market today. Our 16 year old was the first patient in our pediatrician’s (large) practice to refuse the last round of recommended vaccines–now up to a total of 39 by the time they are 18 years old! Insane.

The media doesn’t cover such pharma/drug adverse-affect issues because the media gets tons of Big Pharma $$$$$$$$$$$ for drug ads… Follow the $$$$$$$$$…. Every time you see a Big Pharma drug ad on TV or in the newspaper, realize that’s one of the reasons that the media isn’t covering problems that result from drugs… Scandalous really…!!

Ellen Henry writes (above):

“There are ads in all the magazines. ….the media refuses to cover these issues.”

The media refuses to cover these issues BECAUSE there are ads in all the magazines. The “media” are just slobs who sell entertainment called “news” so their viewers and readers will attend to the ads. The nightly T.V. news is government entertainment filler between pharmaceutical ads. Big Pharma is THE largest single lobbyist in D.C. Americans don’t manufacture much now, they borrow money and take drugs. Get with the program.

Thanks, Nancy, for your great article. I’ve shared it twice on Facebook.

It would be nice if the media would actually do their research rather than just agreeing with the people who spoke out against raising safety concerns.

Can you put a source for the CDC admitting there are brain damage cases linked to Gardasil? That is the most controversial claim which this article makes.

The CDC’s VAERS (vaccine injury) database now reports over 100 deaths from the HPV vaccine, including some boys now. When will enough deaths be enough to get the word out?

See or for this information. The medalerts site allows you to see the individual records for each injury report, whereas the cdc site doesn’t, so it has become the choice of sites for medical researchers…

Educate yourself!

I have also seen the ads for girls AND boys to get the Gardicil vaccination in National Geographic 🙁 I am very disappointed to see that, but perhaps Geographic has to get money where it can to put their publication out.

I guess the only way for this to make the News would be for some elite’s child to come down with repercussions from this immunization.
Or to sue the manufacturer for all they are worth in a class action law suite. Bring them right down to their Knees.
I am glad that my grand girls were not forced into receiving this shot.

Anyone who has been poisoned with vaccines of any kind should do their research on and other sites that prefer natural over chemicals 100% of the time. Mercury and other toxic metals found in vaccines can be “detoxed” out of the body. It has been done successfully at home but most people don’t know about it. Ask people at the local health food store what to use to detox heavy metals. There are many books on the subject. Stay away from drugs.

Imagine a profit making industry exempt from Liability claims.
Imagine you are the CEO. How much effort and cost would you spend to ensure the safest possible product, knowing that these costs will negatively impact your well deserved bonus.

Think about this, next time you decide to inject poison into your vulnerable children.

I am surprised you people dont know there is a elite population reduction agenda in full swing everywhere on earth and too bad if your little darlings get caught in the works. There will be a backlash but too late for the hundreds of millions lost and destroyed lives.

We should require the morons that are pushing all the lab produced meds to take them repeatedly themselves for at least 10 years before allowing them on the market!!!

Because of Michelle Bachman’s brave stance on vaccines, I will now vote for her and I would not vote for Perry in a million years!

Michelle Bachman? Are you kidding? Try Ron Paul!

Ron Paul is also against this sort of thing. Not just Michelle Bachmann. He has my vote. Rick Perry is more of the same. We must fight to keep our freedom of choice.


This isn’t funny. It seems like a way to make us compete with China on getting the female population ratio lower. Sorry, it looks that way to me. The agenda! The $$$$$$$! The Humanity!
Trojan horse ???

I find it interesting if an outbreak of e-coli (or other) sickens 10 people the farmers are forced to plow up the fields. What’s wrong with this picture? 18k + young girls with adverse reactions and where is this reported?

The vaccine is a good idea. The problems are not that serious, and the cancer is deadly.

If it had been available when I was growing up, I would have got the shot. The chance I could infect my friend, lover or later my wife is great enough to justify the minimal risk.

The up tight right is against anything that can in any way be associated with sex.

Get over it, and protect our children from a deadly disease.

Just read through the comments. I cannot believe how off the wall some of the anti vaccine comments are.

If you are waiting for the standard media to go against anything that advertise in their publications and radio and TV you are going to have a long wait. Follow the money. The same with reporting truth in politics, where does all the campaign contributions go, that is billions every two years. The mass media is not going to point out lies made by the politicians when they spend that much money on their ads.

I went to the CDC website. Only 8% of all the vaccinations caused serious side effects like Guillian-Barre, Blood Clots or death. The rest were mainly fainting, pain at the injection site, or swelling. Get the facts read the whole article don’t just look at the stats that someone puts on a site. Check out the sources they got it from. It is telling when they don’t put the link to the original site but just take a few facts from it.

Leonard P. Rybak, M.D., Ph.D.

Our daughter was pressured to receive this vaccine at Butler University, but my wife and I refused to allow it to be given. The Catholic Medical Association had issued a position paper in 2007. At that time, the risks of this vaccine had not been made public. The position paper pointed out that non-vaccinated students would not pose a substantial risk to others during school time were they allowed to attend school. The statement reads: “We presume that genital HPV infection is not transmitted while students are in school, and excluding non-vaccinated students from school would not prevent extramural transmission.” Furthermore, “given the importance of parental involvement for raising children, and particularly in forming their children in chastity, it would be counterproductive to override their ethical objections and negate their authority on this issue.” Parents need to stand up for their children and keep them away from this vaccine!
Leonard P. Rybak,M.D., Ph.D. Past-President, Catholic Medical Association
and Connie Rybak, R.N.

Dear Everybody,

My father is a physician. It took me years and lots of reading to discover just how poor the alleged “science” behind vaccines is. I just wish that I had known before I had my son vaccinated. He would have been spared so much.

Jenny McCarthy’s books are wonderful. I highly recommend them. There are treatments that can ameliorate the damage of vaccines and reverse the effects. While they don’t work on everybody, they work on many children.

We need to protect our children and the elderly from the things being visited on them via vaccines. I think that many of you will want to see Alex Jone’s latest video on new vaccines planned that eliminate “stress” by lobotomizing people. I cannot stress enough how dangerous and stupid that this idea is. Jones is quite right to rant about the idea of a shot that eliminates stress by destroying critical parts of the brain. There was a vaccine that was supposed to mitigate religious extremism. I investigated it and found out that it would probably create something very much like Parkinson because it would attack the dopamine-affected cells of the brain. There is no religion so bad that giving someone Parkinson’s is justifiable.


To ankur: The story does not state that the CDC admits brain damage cases are linked to Gardasil. VAERS is the FDA’s database. The CDC’s website is careful to claim that reports to VAERS are not evidence of a causal relationship. The CDC also fails to admit that people injured by vaccines receive none of the investigative resources and institutional sympathy mustered for cases of measles.

The Pharmaceutical companies are the ones who have been running this country for years. Their influence is everywhere. They only care about there bottom line, the almighty dollar, nothing else!

Are we free or are we pawns? Do we have a constitution or has it been shoved aside? Do we have freedom of travel or are we subjected to unreasonable body searches? vaccinations is only a part of the bigger picture of something very insideous going on. Why would a billionaire be pushing vaccines (full of toxic chemicals) on the poor people of the world? We live in sad times and also exciting times. People are waking up to realize that big government may not always have our interest at heart.

There is so much profit to be made they will never give in to the proof. Look at what has happened to thousands and thousands of people from aspartame…and it is still in our food. It is the bottom line for the elite. I bet they didn’t get their kids vaccines.

Maybe the Surgeon General should get on the consumer bandwagon and declare any dangerous products from Big Pharma as hazardous to our health. It worked in the mid 1960’s with Big Tobacco, and it finally led to an advertising restriction in the early 1970’s. Big Tobacco was a major advertiser back in those days as Big Pharma is now.

im all for learning more about this, but to say the media has glossed over the rick perry connection is ludacris. it’s been a focus point on or in every major news network or paper that i read and obviously the washington post would defend perry, it’s a conservative newspaper….i would really like to learn more, but it’s hard for me to take an article like this seriously when there are no sources linked and the only things that i *do* know about are being inaccurately represented. not to mention, bachmann wasn’t bringing this up to be a health advocate, she brought it up to stick it to perry, she doesn’t care about promoting real health and wellness, i doubt she knows a damn thing about natural health and alternative medicine.

to be fully informed, one must be fully informed. you know what i’m saying?

Absolutely, Ellie. We don’t offer such content in an effort to “force-feed” anyone what to believe, but to contribute to open, public debate about important issues. Regardless of the author’s opinion, the issue is front and center for many people.
I am no fan of Bachmann either – being a Minnesota resident, I am all too familiar with how little she did for her constituents, unless it supported some self-serving end of hers – and I wish more people dug deeper. I completely support your effort to be as fully informed as possible.

I am a RN and I am totally against this vaccine. I am also against infants getting so many vaccines at the same time. It is too much for the immune system. It seems it is the drug companies going out for the $$ and not checking enough for all the s/e. Thank you I am aginst alot of the other drugs out there as well!

I’m a Texan whose 7mo. old daughter was given a well-baby vaccination in 1982. She is now 29 and mentally handicapped. Her promisng life was forever altered. I’m against all vaccinations to this day and what Rick Perry mandated by executive order is just as unjust as the land grab for his toll road and his in-state tuition for illegal immigrants. Listen to Sherri Tenpenny to get more information on vaccinations, incl. what’s in them and the damage they can cause. Don’t elect him for president. He’s a pretty snake!

Look at who owns the Minneapolis Star Tribune and there is no surprise on their reporting. The owners, Avista Capital Partners, have on their website “Welcome to Avista Capital Partners—a firm specializing in private equity investments—primarily in growth oriented energy, healthcare, media, industrial and consumer companies.”

I’m glad Bachmann brought this up. But I wanted to let you know that she’s not the only one who supports this sort of freedom. Check out Ron Paul’s page on Healthcare. It says he will work to “Stop the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) from interfering with Americans’ knowledge of and access to dietary supplements and alternative treatments.”
That, among other things, earns him my vote. Spread the word around the alt. med. community. It’d be nice to have a government that will leave us the heck alone, and maybe even acknowledge that maybe they don’t know everything.

I can see the writing on the wall!! Once folks refuse to take the mandatory vaccines, you’ll be denied access to food, fuel, etc. You watch & see how many people will cave on this!!! They’ll get hungry enough, desperate enough…they’ll do whatever “those in charge” tell them to do. Of course, the majority know NOT to take any type of vaccines….but it’s pretty obvious where the collapse of our money system, jobs etc is headed. They got a large portion of citizens dependent upon Welfare/Medicaid….these will be the first that go along to get along. When they withhold SS checks….those folks will be next in line. It’s sad…but it’s the truth. Do ALL that you can, right now, with building up your immune system. Between the chemtrails, vaccines, our water being flouridated….everyone is going to be affected.

Had to share this!!! Read all the hype….

Primary care doctors have it tough. Not only are they paid less for often putting in more time than other doctors…now they have to compete with Walgreens for your business.

For a few years now, you have been able to get your flu shot at Walgreens, shopping malls, and community centers. This cuts away at your primary care doctor’s bottom line. (Yes, the secret is out. Doctors make money off of you! The more you come into their office…the fuller their pockets.)

Well, turns out that primary care doctors aren’t taking kindly to all the competition from Walgreens and community centers.

They want your flu vaccine business back.

Just how are they gonna do it? How will they compete with “convenient care”?

Apparently, they plan to pester the heck out of you.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at this step-by-step guide for running a successful flu clinic posted on the American College of Physicians’ web site. The ACP Internist posted this guide in September, just in time for your doctor to get back in on the vaccination action.

See for yourself how desperate things have gotten. The ACP Internist says primary care doctors should:

1. Set aside dedicated times and dates to give shots. A good clinic will vaccinate as many as 300 to 400 patients in a few hours. Wow. This is shocking. Hopefully, you don’t belong to a practice that even attempts to vaccinate 300 to 400 patients in a few hours. Preferably, find a doctor who talks to you about good nutrition, not shots. (More on that!)

2. Advertise the clinic by making flyers and displaying them in every exam room. Add the information to the practice website and to every patient statement. Offer appointments early and encourage patients to sign up. Gee, nothing like selling to a captive audience, huh? Well, don’t fall for it folks. Even if you find yourself trapped in a doctor’s examination room, with flyers for vaccines posted on every wall, resist the urge. Close your eyes. Do whatever it takes. Just don’t buy into it! You can prevent the flu without a vaccine. (Again, more on that in a moment.)

3. Begin accepting appointments at least two months before the vaccine clinic date. Most clinics can accommodate as many as eight patients every 15 minutes with one support staff member and one technician. This taps into the vaccine “hype.” They urge you to make your appointment early…or you may not get one! Don’t buy it. There are plenty of vaccines to go around. And if you don’t get one…well…you’ve done your public duty for the day. There will be one more vaccine left on the shelf for someone who really needs it!



This vaccine has only been given for about 5 yrs (since 2006). The adverse effects rates, including death, are unacceptable.

Susan Kreider, MS, RN

In 1991 I was crippled by hepatitis B vaccine and it took me 17 years to settle with the NVIC for a modest sum. I have better feelings towards Michelle Bachman now (hadn’t much cared for her apparent homophobia) but still prefer Dr. Ron Paul for his long espoused belief that “The government doesn’t own your body” (nor your children’s!) and generally more libertarian point of view.

all vaccines have MERCURY in them as a PRESERVATIVE, that in itself is cause to stay away from all vaccines.

These vaccines are just another way of taking away freedom of choice. Didn’t Hitler force similar situations on the Jews? These vaccines do have a sinister mission. I am certain the HPV will either cause cancers or sterility in these young people. What in the world put it into the hearts of these creaters to even think of such a devious plan…we need to hang these people up by their
thumbnails. As for Ron Paul…he is the only honest man running
for the presidency..and would not allow these vaccines to take hold.

It was amazing to me that CNN jumped right in and tried to cover the story right up!! Cohen, Sr. Medical Correspondent got right on the complete false safety of Gardasil, which is suppose to target Types 6,11,16, and 18 HPV. Turns out, through my research, that this vaccine doesn’t even prevent these Types.
No one has ever spoken about the 89 girls/women that have died from the vaccine. These people have contracted the virus from probably males, so why do they target women/girls? Why do girls 8 or 9 need to be vaccinated? Cervical cancer isn’t really a concern until after 25-49, and 50-64 years old, and Cohen also said that this cancer is very common. With approximately 4,000 cases per year, that’s not very common.
Big Pharm is connected with CNN, People Rag, NY Times, etc. They aren’t going to hurt their shares in any of the drug companies. I would ask the question “why aren’t the TV ads running any longer”? Probably because these deceased girls families are attempting to sue Merck!


Please EVERYONE speak up!!!!

God bless you. It is so difficult to explain to people the dangers of all the unproven vaccines (this means every one of them). They just believe every word a doctor tells them.

There is a very small rate of negative effects. By your own numbers, the serious effects are a fraction of 1%.

Citations, please. Everyone?!? Hello?

You all sound like the SAME PERSON talking, by the way.

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