Help Make An Impact on Global Malnutrition


You know we are dedicated to increasing access to the truthful, non-misleading health information everyone needs to make informed decisions about maintaining health and wellness.

But what if the basic resources to act on that information were simply unavailable to you?

Sadly, that is the daily reality for 2 billion people around the world. And children, whose bodies are still developing and whose futures can be irrevocably affected by malnutrition, feel the greatest impact. In fact, every 6 seconds malnutrition claims the life of a child under the age of 5, and 7,600,000 people will die from hunger this year.

em-squaredThat’s why we invite you to check out EM Squared, an initiative through which you can have a personal impact in the fight to Eliminate Malnutrition through the purchase of nutritionally-dense food bars. You can also expand the reach of your efforts by sharing the word about the initiative and earn income for yourself in the process. The level of participation is up to you. Every box of 30 Hope Bars purchased generates a donation of a box of food bars from EM Squared to children in need.

Sharing this initiative with others multiplies how many children can be fed every day. The bonus: For every three people who sign up via the link below, CFH will receive a $75.00 donation.

Join Citizens For Health in our mission to make a significant difference in our world by expanding access to the information – and resources – necessary for leading a healthy life. Please visit to learn more. For specific questions, email

Thank you, as always for making a difference.

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