Tribute to Jim Turner

Jim Turner sitting in front of bookcase, smiling

By James Gormley

I was pleasantly surprised, in 2004, when Ana Micka reached out to me at the suggestion of Jim Turner. The CUNY Graduate Center was holding a symposium on globalism and Citizens needed somebody to talk about the EU Supplements Directive and Codex, and about how common ground could be found between consumers and industry. Finding common ground and forging alliances to achieve social good was at the heart and soul of so much of what Jim believed, exemplified and taught to all of us.

As a former U.S. NAVY officer and later one of Nader’s Raiders, Jim knew that if fighting was needed to achieve justice, then so be it. Whether it was mobilizing Americans to win passage of DSHEA after the Tahoma Clinic Raid, or serving as the lead attorney on a petition that led to the mainstreaming of acupuncture, or successfully defending chiropractors and holistic dentists, and so many other times. I’m so glad that I was able to fight alongside with Jim on many issues after these.

Aside from when he was laughing, Jim had the gravitas that I imagine the Founding Fathers had. With his powerful mind and sharp wit, Jim always had what I thought was the perfect response to any question that was ever asked of him by a reporter or anyone.

I miss Jim, and that he is not physically here anymore to help us find the way forward.  But I am deeply grateful that his life of accomplishment, duty and dedication is shining a bright light to inspire all of us and whole new generations of Americans.

Visit Mr. Turner’s Memorial Page to post and read comments, and to view and upload photos.

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