Update: Sen. McCain Response Letter To Sen. Hatch About S. 3002

Parts of the McCain Dorgan bill (S. 3002) are now being added to the Food Safety Bill (S.510), rather than trying to pass on its own. This letter presents four points which leave in tack several of the objections to the original McCain Dorgan bill that must be opposed. Citizens is opposing these additions to the Food Safety bill until the precise language is developed and can be evaluated. Citizens also opposes the Food Safety Bill as currently drafted because it endangers significant food safety advances of the past thirty years such as organic, locally grown, honestly labeled food; perpetuates the regulatory policies that have led to an unsafe industrial food supply; and offers no new approaches to creating real food safety. In short, the Food Safety bill, like the Health Reform bill, is a patch work of government mandates and directives that fail to achieve their announced purposes while perpetuating the very problems their supporters claim to address.

Hatch Letter

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Please do not use your power to destroy and block the ability of the people of the us to be able to obtain herbal products in their natural form. It is already difficult due to the pharmacies trying to block citizens from obtaining them in their purest form. Pharmacies extract them and put them in capsules then charge ten times their natural plant pure form value thus disabling us from being able to afford them. We know that this makes it sound as if the drug manufacturers actually had plant parts in their deadly drugs which we know is not true but will never be announed to the public. Citizens who in the past have purchased plants parts from countries that produced them naturally had to fight against our govt to continue selling them to our people. we know about this. graviola? jergon sacha?….on and on…hundreds of them or more from the rainforest alone. The german comission e which is their equivalent to the FDA researches plant products along with numerous agencies in other countries. The citizens of the US have to depend on their information. We have become a country of test monkies in cages for our govt. to interfere in all aspects of our life. Please leave our plants alone. Enforce the law and go after those who make illegal drugs and supplements and allow us our freedom with plants as God intended. Why not charge the athletes with possession and give them prison time rather than punish the rest of the citizens for the athlete’s misconduct……

Please leave our supplements alone. In general, I find most people who are serious about supplements are also serious about taking control of their own health, not mindlessly allowing doctors to prescribe whatever the pharmaceutical companies recommend. We are intelligent people who don’t need the government in yet, another part of our lives.

Bernadette Reilly

The drug companies are so greedy they are after vitamins,etc. Prescription drugs are synthetic, the body does not know how to process them & as a result there are many horrible side effects to each & every one. Natural vitamins, not synthetic ones, have side benefits. They work. It is reprehensible that Washington & the drug lobby are legislating to take away our right to take care of ourselves & our families.

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