Zap Acne with This All Natural Treatment


At one point in your life, you have probably been affected by acne. You might even have a blemish or two right now. Maybe you’re the parent of a teenager battling acne.

Did you know that most common over the counter acne medication contain benoyl peroxide, a chemical found to promote tumors in mice, according to an 1995 FDA action? Yet it remains an approved substance here in the United States. It is currently banned in the European Union.

Read more about the link between benzoyl peroxide and cancer here.

Citizens for Health is proud to stand behind a new effective natural treatment for acne, called ZAPNE, which does not use harmful chemicals.  It uses a once a week treatment system that combines natural ingredients including salix alba white willow bark extract and a unique freshwater sponge. 

Before & After Using Zapne All-Natural Acne TreatmentUsing an exclusive combination of natural ingredients, ZAPNE penetrates skin pores to deliver anti-microbials and anti-inflammatory agents for the treatment of acne. It removes dead skin cells, excess oil and impurities which clog pores and cause acne.

The treatment is so effective, it is only applied once a week. ZAPNE immediately opens clogged pores, releasing trapped oil and dirt while neutralizing acne bacteria. It’s anti-inflammatories decrease swelling and redness allowing dead skin cells to shed more easily from the pores. ZAPNE gently exfoliates dead skin, leaving fresh new cell growth. Excess skin oil goes away, leaving beautiful radiant skin.

ZAPNE is an exclusive treatment that combines a towelette infused with an extract of Natural Willow Bark which contains 0.5% Salicylic Acid, with our formulation of a unique fresh water sponge powder, organic aloe vera, natural white willow bark, natural sericin, natural brown seaweed, organic green tea, organic ginger root, and organic chamomile. The power of this unique sponge has been known for decades in Russia and Ukraine for healing skin conditions.

Citizens for Health has arranged for its followers to get a discount of 15% on every purchase by visiting and entering the code: CITIZENS15 at checkout. For every purchase made using this code, Zapne has agreed to make a donation to Citizens for Health to support its work in bringing social responsibility, awareness of natural products, proper labeling of ingredients, and awareness of the effects of certain ingredients we consume or put on our bodies.


Note: ZAPNE is a product from our partner NextNaturals, a manufacturer of groundbreaking health and wellness products made by Mother Nature from all-natural ingredients. More NextNaturals products will be featured on this site soon.  Additionally, when you purchase ZAPNE or other NextNaturals products, Citizens for Health receives a donation.

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