Minnesota Lieutenant Governor Withdraws Support for “Corn Sugar Sham”

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Washington, D.C.Citizens for Health continues to monitor developments regarding the Corn Refiners Association’s petition to the FDA seeking to rename high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) “corn sugar” – a duplicitous effort to confuse consumers into believing this processed goop is healthier than it really is.

Thousands of CFH supporters and other concerned consumers already have sent messages opposing the petition to Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services, Dr. Margaret Hamburg, Commissioner of the FDA, as well as Congressional Representatives.

CFH has learned that on May 5, Minnesota Lieutenant Governor Yvonne Prettner Solon sent a letter to the FDA expressing the state’s unwillingness to support this “corn sugar sham”. Although Minnesota has no official position on the petition at this time it is significant to note that the Governor’s office initially favored the name change but, after further consideration, the country’s fourth highest producer of corn chose to withdraw its support.

The more one learns about HFCS and the Corn Refiners’ petition, the clearer it becomes that the name change would be a “sweet” deal for producers of this substance – but a “sour” one for consumers. Consumption of HFCS has been linked to diabetes, high cholesterol and triglycerides, heart disease and increased risk of osteoporosis, among other health concerns, and is widely recognized as a major factor in the epidemic of childhood obesity.

The Corn Refiners claim their petition is in the interest of “consumer clarity”. But, as consumers who work to stay informed about what we put on the dinner table and into our bodies, we have to ask: How can changing the name of a product consumers have become familiar with over nearly three decades actually lead to greater clarity?

The answer: it simply won’t. HFCS is in just about everything we eat, and changing a name consumers have come to recognize and watch out for will only make it more difficult to identify and avoid foods that have a negative impact on our health and the health of our families. It is also worth noting that HFCS is a cheaper means of sweetening foods and its use results in greater profits for producers of HFCS as well as those companies that use the goop to sweeten their products.

The momentum is growing behind opposition to the Corn Refiners’ petition. Add your voice to those against this sham and join with Citizens for Health, Dr. David Katz, Director of the Yale Prevention Research Center, and consumer groups such as the Organic Consumers Association, Consumers Union (publisher of Consumer Reports magazine), the National Consumers League and the Consumer Federation of America – send your comments today using the link at the top of this post!

Please note that the website for posting comments, Regulations.gov, will undergo a maintenance outage and will be unavailable beginning at 12:01 a.m. on Saturday June 11, 2011 until 6:00 p.m. on Sunday June 12, 2011 (times are EDT).

Sample Letter Opposing Changing the Name of HFCS to “Corn Sugar”:

As a concerned and educated consumer, I urge the FDA to reject changing the name “High Fructose Corn Syrup” (HFCS) to “Corn Sugar” and deny the September 14, 2010 petition request for this action, Docket FDA-2010-P-0491-0001/CP, for the following reasons:

–Renaming HFCS at this juncture would be confusing to American consumers. Introduced into our food supply in the 1970’s, HFCS now accounts for more than 40% of the caloric sweeteners added to our foods and beverages. After 4 decades we have become familiar with this ingredient and know how to look for it on product labels, and we should not be forced to learn new terminology in order to protect the Corn Refiners’ bottom line.

–HFCS has been used extensively in our food supply for about 40 years. In contrast, sugar has been used as a sweetener for more than 1,500 years. We may still be unaware of the true health impacts of HFCS consumption.

–Several research studies have linked HFCS consumption to diseases of the liver and kidneys, as well as diabetes, and the name should remain consistent so that we can make informed decisions about what we put into our bodies.

I am an informed consumer and am not confused about the origin and properties of HFCS. All Americans deserve truthful, non-misleading health information and should not be misled into purchasing or consuming HFCS under the new name “corn sugar”. Please join with me, Consumers Union, the National Consumers League and the Consumer Federation of America, and oppose this petition.

Thank you, and I look forward to your response.

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Comments (126)

I am working feverently to remove HFCS from my diet and my children’s – it is detrimental to their health.

To rename something “corn syrup”, would not allow us to identify what we should not be eating.

Corn syrup or HFCS should be removed from all foods in general.

High Fructose corn sugar is very bad for you. Try the different type of coke made in mx and you will see the difference.

American’s health is vitally important. Let’s stop the insanity.

Shame on you. You are loosing your credibility and are at the tipping point. I have heard people talking to get rid of the FDA completely because all you do is support big agriculture and business not our health any more. No one pays attention to you for this exact reason. You are helping the industries not protecting us. So I say either get back to the job of protecting us or get out.

please take high fructose out of our food by what ever name

Denise Jacoby-Smith

Living in a Socialist government is becoming very tiring and very discouraging!! What have we become and where are we going to end up?!

Isn’t it time to stop the BS? What we need at the FDA and USDA is a new broom to sweep out all the corrupt bureaucratics that are in the pockets of industry and Big Phrama. It’s time to do your job to PROTECT the citizens who pay your wages and stop bowing to these money hungry corporations. Quit allowing us to be poisoned!!!

HFCS is NOT corn sugar!

Dr. Joy J. Jakelis

Truthful information is what is needed.

The changing of the name of HFCS to Corn Sugar is absurd and any rational person who cares about their personal health and the health of their family should protest this. It is an industry trying to take advantage of their customers who have figured it out that their product is not good for our bodies. Shame on the Corn Refiners Association! I hope the FDA does not allow this name change. If they do, it will further damage their credibility as doing work in the interest of the American public.

Time to face up, fess up and clean up our act in the food industry. The population is no longer stupid and asleep, and wi ll not continue to poison their families forever. Jig’s up…no more BS. We’d rather eat non-modified beans and rice than the toxic concoctions passed off as food.

Product information needs to be accurate so that consumers can choose what is most beneficial to their health. Let there be transparancy. Obesity and diabetes are ever increasing, and so is the cost of healthcare (sick care). Let’s stop fooling people and move towards health, properity and healthy economy

This is nothing but poison for the human body.Fool me once shame on me .fool me two times shame on you.We know this is nothing we need to be putting in us.Duaaaa

No renaming!

Great work Citizens on getting rid of a sham!!!

Consumers are tired of the deception of HFCS and other additives to our food supply. It is the greatest heathcare contributor for all diseases. It is time the FDA stands up for the consumers and not the organizations or manufacturers of these unhealthy additives to foods. Wholesome as it goes is disease prevention, which in turn means lower healthcare costs and lower tax burden on healtcare. Get it. We want a healthier Nation, not a sick one.

Stephen A Brown, PhD

How sad that those elected and appointed to provide safety for our citizenry would act in alignment with corporate greed rather than the health of their constituents. How sad, that we must gather petitions to protect ourselves from the decisions made by our officials. How deeply concerning that all the evidence about HFCS and all the concern about growing obesity would be ignored because of corporate influence and corporate prioritizing that establishes profits above health. Does it not remind us of our corporations producing cancer causing cigarettes in the name of nothing else than commerce at the expense of health.

The obesity epidemic started with the widespread use of HFCS in the 1970s. It is an altered product that the human body cannot tolerate in large doses. And it’s in all our “food products.” What is it going to take for us to “get it”????

James A. Faulkner

Current diabetes epidemic major enemy.

High Fructose Corn Syrup is so ubiquitous in the food stream of many Americans that its no wonder we have an obesity epidemic. Disruptive to our normal metabolism it is a leading causative agent in liver and kidney damage, and diabetes as well as heart disease. Elimination of the product would go a long way to improving the overall health and well being of anyone who consumes it. Read your food label, if it contains HFCS don’t but it.

People shouldn’t be in the position of having to protect themselves from their food.

This is criminal to fool the public into believing “corn sugar” is safe when it has lead to record numbers of Diabetes cases in this country.

I am SICK and TIRED of the FDA allowing chemical companies, food manufacturers etc. to “unpurify” our food and environment!!! All in the name of money! The companies are allowed to donate large amounts of money to our politicians who then allow the FDA to “run their course.”

If a rose by any other name smells as sweet, high fructose corn syrup is still harmful by any other name. It is more harmful when people call it a rose and no one knows.

With the obesity epidemic facing this country we need more clarity not less regarding what we put in our bodies.

I vote against the high fruitouse corn surup name change. It should remain he same at the least.

as a health coach, i find these claims preposterous and intentionally misleading. we have enough challenges right now fighting obesity with a food system that prioritized money over quality, nutrition and overall public health. enough is enough !

Corn sugar??!! Really? NO! Stop this despicable and criminal marketing ploy now.

How low can this high fructose corn syrup producers go to try and market their harmful sweetener by hiding the real name.

What you do to others, you do to yourselves, so why don’t you work for the benefit of all beings? This is poison that you want the people to continue taking into their bodies.

What a sham! It SO big a sham, I could cover my sofa with it and call it a pillow! HFCS, CS, whatever you call it, it is killing people!

Everyday it blows my mind how so many chemicals and lab created substances are put into our food!! What happened to just regular sugar, flour and regular wheat. We have to stand together and tell them we wont stand for all this fake food. Please vote against this renaming of this frankenfood. Thank you very very much!

Natalie Mannering

Corn sugar or corn syrup or high fructose corn syrup, whatever you call it, it is poison and it is killing us. You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. And it will come back and bite you in the end if you try.

Obesity is an national epidemic and this is a small step in the direction of addressing it that needs to be taken. Do the right thing.

We need healthy food.Support a Vegan diet,Go Green
Stop poisoning the people and the planet.

American consumers are getting savvy to the food industries trickery. The FDA had better go back to becoming the citizens advocate, rather than the food industries bedfellow as it has become…The truth is going to come out eventually anyway and the FDA will have totally lost its credibility which is on thin ice as we speak.

It is time to stop all the LIES HFCS is a very bad thing period.

It’s poison – get it out of our food!


It is what it is no matter what name you attach to it. It is not a healthy food aditive and that’s a fact.

Anita Cannata Nowell

Why would/should the governor feel that he should tell the truth, our government is made up of untruthful people from the top in the White House to right on down to all our city officials.

Karen Hedwig Backman

Changing the name “High Fructose Corn Syrup” (HFCS) to “Corn Sugar” is a fraud.

Research links HFCS consumption to diseases of the liver and kidneys, as well as diabetes, and the name should not fraudulently be changed in order to mislead consumers.

As a pharmacist, I am fully aware of what Fructose syrup can do to the human body over a period of time, mainly by causing diabetes in the our population plus obesity and many other disease symptoms.

What a total farce! It’s maybe the only honest thing the corn industry has done thus far to call a spade a spade. At the very least High Fructose Corn Syrup needs to remain named just that. Further, all products that do should be labeled as containing it and the threshold beneath which products can claim to not contain it should be reduced to zero.
Labeling in this country needs to be absolutely truthful and stringently so. Label GMO’s! All Transfat’s and HFCS.

Watching the FDA neglecting its mission to protect the public and caving in once more to industry is most disheartening. Just as the public is beginning to become aware of the well-documented harmful health consequences of ingesting HFCS, the industry wants to fool them by switching the terminology to “corn sugar.” How can the FDA be a party to misleading the public in this way?

STOP deceiving the public – START getting consumers healthy ingredients and STOP investing in disease promotion. Have you ever considered marketing a healthy product? It may be good for your soul.

I don’t understand the problem. Either we are honest people or we are not. Either we call a spade a spade or we do not. There is no right way to do a wrong thing. Calling high fructose corn syrup something other than what it is attempts to justify or excuse it somehow, implicitly implying that there is a need to do so. This amounts to an admission that he who tries to rename HFCS acknowledges it is not a good thing to begin with, because if it were a good thing, there would be no reason to call it something else. This boils down to people in positions of authority and influence openly admitting they are doing a bad thing because they acknowledge they have a bad product they are attempting to justify or excuse. Therefore they are bad, dishonest people in positions of influence and authority. Good people don’t lie, don’t deceive, don’t need to justify or excuse their actions. And yes, it really is that simple. Take it personally, those of you in positions of influence and authority. Because the rest of us certainly do. Clean up your act.

NO high fructose corn syrup..it is POISON to HUMANS and other living beings.

It is essential that gov’t, guard against the self-interest of an industry, when it pursues goals not in the public interest. Please do not vote for renaming a harmful sweetener “corn sugar” to obscure its bad reputation for human health.

For better and cheaper national health care, Congress should openmindedly take off their blinders and check into alternative medicine, which is preventive, much cheaper, and not burdened with side-effects. Pharmaceutical companies are not purveying health; their utilitu is limited, Wise up.

Judie Maron-Friend

These powerful lobbies will only bow to us when we hit them where it hurts, in their wallets. So stop buying “ANYTHING” packaged and sweetened with processed corn sweeteners of any kind. This country would do itself a huge favor if we stopped consuming any processed or artificial sweeteners. The data is there and it is irrefutable that additional refined sugars are a serious poison in our bodies.

I do not support any action that makes something bad seem good.
Changing the name of a food product does not make it good but could give a false impression.
Please don’t support this request for name change with regard to corn syrup.

politics should be a dialogue NOT lobby-ing by corporations driven by greed

These games with the FDA are growing tiresome. We know you have completely sold out. WE are not stupid. No matter what you want to call HFCS, you will be outed. I am watching and all my friends are watching. We are ready to inform everyone of your lying tricks so just give it up!

STOP your deceitful marketing approaches and START promoting healthy ingredients. Consumers have a right to their health protection from food manufacturers that endanger their health.
Do the right thing and promote good health instead of profits, How about considering the consequences to the consumers who ingest these harmful products? Your intent to fool them by naming corn syrup differently will boomerang in negative ways and return to you.

This whole exercise is nothing but an attempt by big corn farming corporations to get the government to allow them to mislead the consuming public. There is no corn sugar–high fructose corn syrup is nothing but a manufactured product using elements of corn as part of the raw material. The resulting product bears no resemblence to anything found in nature, but does contain things known to be harmful health. If this is allowed to happen, then there is no need whatsoever for an fda. What good are they if they continue to try to keep people in the dark about new discoveries that could benefit them and about the dangers of many, many substances that their doctors prescribe by the boatloads and their grocery stores sell.

Changing the name “in the middle of the stream” doesn’t make the product healthier for me or anyone else. Clarity can be had by not attempting something to look better simply by using different letters of the alphabet to make it “look” like something new and different.

for any leaders in the government who can’t see clear that HFCS is bad on every level, even if it were organic, which it’s not!, It only tells the citizens in the know about the many agendas that these government supporters of HFCS are backing. None of these agendas have the health and well being of its citizens. Because there is no positives with HFCS, except for the makers and the individuals who are bought off to keep this in our foods, the only conclusion is too vote everyone of you out that’s part of supporting HFCS to be voted out when ever possible. So unless you kill all who oppose you, now would be a good time to leave or change your positions on this product and it’s GMO agenda

We cannot let this name change get passed…it is another ploy to allow the large and greedy companies to make money at the risk of having a health care system become more and more decayed! There are a few ingredients in most persons’ everyday lives that were they to be eliminated, our healthcare system would improve virtually overnite…high fructose is right at the top of that list!!!…no matter what ‘sweet-sounding’ name it is given!!!!

It’s time to take care of this.

Corn sugar should remain “High fructose corn sugar”It is not a sucrose,or glucose that the body recognizes. It needs to be removed from the food.


Please do not allow them to get away w/ this effort to alter the name on labels of this poisonous food. They would just love it if we put this in our veins through intravenous means. Disease is rampant because of this ingredient . Everyone knows that over consumption of sugar in this form hidden in our foods Is the feeder of inflammation that leads to many debilitating life threatening diseases that drive health care costs thru the roof for the uninformed. Thank you………

On one hand the Government tells us to eat 9 to 13 fruit and vegetables every day to make us healthier and to help us avoid degenerative diseases then they allow HFCS/corn sugar to be added to our food. What a farce. Can’t figure out whether they want to save us or kill us

This is capitalism at it’s finest. Wealthy manufacturers taking money out of their pockets to bribe politicians (through campaign contributions) in order to continue profiteering. Meanwhile, the public gets sick, disease spreads, people die prematurely, and the rich get richer. As long as our capitalist country puts power up for sale in this manner, capitalist citizens will never have the chance to better their lives, since they don’t have enough money to compete fairly with big business. I don’t care what anybody says; this is not what the “Founding Fathers” intended.

Stop. call a thing by it’s name. corn syrup, corn sugar …. sugar isn’t good for us.

As a consumer, I do not appreciate being lied to. I respectfully ask that this deceitful attempt to hide the truth be stopped immediately.

Catering to the corn syrup industry is NOT acceptable.

The Lieutenant Governor is withdrawing his support because he’s following the money, just as all elected officials do. The corporations that lobby the hardest and line the pockets of the greediest politicians will always get their way, and these legislators just can’t say no to the money. These problems wouldn’t even exist if the rich were taxed the same way that the working class is taxed. Banks, Oil Companies, Big Agra, Big Pharma…these thieves need to be locked up. But no political figure today has got the guts to do it.

There must have been a good reason why the corn industry was forced to use the words “High Fructose” in the first place. That reason has NOT changed, but the results of using this damaging product have become increasingly obvious! Obesity and Diabetes are epidemic in THIS COUNTRY. Not in Europe, though, where the production and use of HFCS is either banned of severely restricted.
It should be BANNED worlwide as a food additive! But of course here in America, it’s okay to kill people as long as you’re making a profit! Look at the DRUG industry….
If ADM, Cargill, et al, really want to make money, they should stop refining the #2 field corn into “Corn Sugar” and turn their efforts toward BIOFUEL and do something that actually helps people and economies!

We try not to purchase items with high fructose corn syrup, but is futile as almost every packaged foods have this in contents. I found that Hunts ketchup does not have it, so even tho I love Heintz ketchup, have switched over to Hunts. So there! European countries do not have these ingredients in their foods & they are much healthier than USA. If the greedy corporations kiil us off, then who will purchase their poisoned foods?

Renaming HFCS to Corn Sugar is simply an attempt to deceive the people into thinking they have done away with a harmful substance and replacing it with something that has no consequence to the people of consuming.
This is just what I’d expect from a Corporate Heartless Entity that would willingly put their Profits before the People’s Health.

The more one watches and scrutinizes the actions of the FDA, they more it appears that they have become the Food and Drug Corporation’s Puppets.
Looking out for Corporate Interests, but not for “The People”

This change in wording will only make sick people sicker.
Putting lipstick on a pig doesn’t change the fact that it is still a pig. This change in wording will not change the fact that High Fructose Corn products are dangerous to our health.

Lets have honesty on labels – and let’s be wise about what we put into our bodies to encourage them to be healthier. Eg: what do you pt into your car’s gas tank – gasoline or gravy? Our bodies need nutrients and food to function in the best way possible.

I was a human nutrition/biochem major in college, and KNOW this is an outright LIE!! To say, ( like you do on your TV commercials) that “the body doesn’t know the difference” between these different sugars is 180 degrees wrong! Every molecule we put into our bodies have different molecular shapes, and they also each have receptor sites that match the shapes of each molecule. So much for the idea that the body “doesn’t know the difference”. Besides that fact, high-fructose corn syrup is not a natural product. It’s man-made. Chances are, it doesn’t even get used by the body, which is why it sits in the blood and causes diabetes.
My biggest beef with you though, is when you say the body doesn’t know the difference, you’re saying that God, who made our bodies, doesn’t know the difference. Just put anything in there..it won’t matter. That’s what you’re saying. But that is NOT true!! God made our bodies as living, breathing 3-D biochemical puzzles, and to try to put a piece into a space (receptor site) that isn’t the right one??? Not going to happen. You cannot fool the body, because God is perfect!! You may be able to fool people, but not the body. IT DOES KNOW!! Please…STOP playing us like we’re complete idiots. We deserve the respect you would want. We DO live in the USA, after all. This is SUPPOSED to be a judeo-christian country, that worships GOD…NOT THE DOLLAR BILL! The whole problem that is making this country such a mess is, we are not living as our forefathers set the country up to be. We need to all pull together, and keep our eyes on Heaven…NOT our wallets!! FDA, if you’d stop holding onto your money so tight, and let your morals run your actions, things would be much better in this country. You don’t REALLY believe what you say about this subject, do you?!?!?! Go into your soul…think about what you’re going to say when you meet God when all this is over here on earth. Do you really think lying to the citizens of this God-fearing country is the right thing to do? NO, you don’t, and if you really stop and think about it, you know what you’re doing is just plain wrong…IMMORAL.

Don’t let this insidious liver toxin hide behind a benign name.

Cassandra Roberson

Please, take this poison out of our food. If it walks like a duck, sounds like a duck, it is a duck! No more disguises for HFCS!!!!

We need no sugar in our diet to speak of! Denise you hit the nail on the head!!

like always ones in power have a very big head and love to talk down to us humans , they should be removed right !!! one very in dependent thinker .robert

There has to be a special place in the afterlife for people like this, and it’s definitly not HEAVEN!!!

Shame on the government entities who are elected to serve the people who only serve themselves and the large corporations of this country. If our elected officials and the agencies in charge of protecting us, then WHO will protect our citizens from profit mongering corporations with only their bottom line in mind. Shame on them. What country are we living in??? America should do better for it’s citizenry.

This is blatantly false advertising – please get rid of this harmful product for good.

Pastor Thomas Humphrey

Shame on the Corn Refiners Association! I hope the FDA does not allow this name change. If they do, it will further damage their credibility as doing work in the interest of the American public.
How deeply concerning that all the evidence about HFCS and all the concern about growing obesity would be ignored because of corporate influence and corporate prioritizing that establishes profits above health. Does it not remind us of our corporations producing cancer causing cigarettes in the name of nothing else than commerce at the expense of health.

Geraldine E Burton

It is time for food producers to stop the fraud and profit only efforts in their products and consider the health of this nation. When they pollute the food with toxic substances they are posioning their families too. Where is the conscience of these people. Don’t they care that they are helping destroy all of us. Look around people we are not a healthy nation anymore. If is very hard to find decent foods to buy as a result of the modern ways of using poisons in and on everything.

We are paying dearly with high sickness care costs, disease, disability, and death.

Boycott everything that is toxic and take control of your food and health.

Geraldine E Burton

this stuff is man made and our bodies only store it as fat. belly fat is causes all kinds of stuff, all you have to do is listen to dr oz to know we don’t want this crap. i won’t buy anything with hfc no matter what you call it as well as all those other man made sweeteners. take out hfc, enriched flour, red meat and those whipped oils and we could reduce medicals bills by about half. that would make us go back before 1900, we can’t have that.

D Aksoy said it beautifully!!! besides the fact it is unhealthy, whatever it’s name, it is coming from genetically engineered corn!!! Around 90% of corn is g.e. as is soy, cotton and canola!!! READ THOSE LABELS!!!

We need to be making things healther for all Americans not change the name of a product just to please the big wig or CEO of these Companies.These big companies are not looking out for the health of America they are only interested in lining there pockets with death money.Every day there is new products out with poison in them. We need healthy food to feed our children.The price of packaged food should be more expencive than natural food, makeing it easier to afford to stay healthy.

What a wonderful response! We are quite excited to see so many thoughtful, reasoned comments regarding this (just one of many) effort to mislead the public through the language of confusion. Language has the power to educate, to connect, and to clarify – what a shame when it is employed to do just the opposite.
Stay energized, and please take the time to share these compelling thoughts with the FDA by posting your comments using the links in the post.

Keep up the great work!

Frank Herd
Program Coordinator

Allowing corporations to lie for profit by changing definitions is subversion of the worst sort. Changing the name does not make it less toxic. For the FDA to collude with corporations is base
corruption on the part of both parties. The consequences will only produce more diseases in a trusting, but ignorant public. We must have protection from this menace by calling things by their right names.

Do not allow the name change for High Fructose Corn Syrup.!!!

You actually should remove it from the market.

“Just say NO to the corn refiners’ request to hide High Fructose Corn syrup behind other names such as “Corn Sugar.” That stuff is addictive and toxic.

I thought the government was suppose to be protecting us. With this kind of attitude, who protects us from the government. Is the FDA working for the best interests and health of the American poeople or to advance the bottom line of Montsanto?

Toxic trash does not belong in our bodies. HFCS should be banned world wide.

Paul L. Ciliberto. Food Scientist, Nutritionist

OK, your body doesn’t know the difference between HFCS and sucrose as they’re both made up of fructose and glucose. However what the Corn Refiners aren’t telling us is that there is strong evidence that HFCS is metabolized differently and is more detrimental to our overall health ! In addition, a recent study from Rutgers University indicated that HFCS in soda generates carbonyl radicals which are very detrimental to one’s health. Lastly, HFCS is NOT NATURAL. Its made from a starch and therefore MAN MADE. Sucrose is natural.

No name change for HFCS—-it should be outlawed in our foods.

Food for HEALTH not food for profit.

Eat organic, local food. I stopped eating wheat, 3 weeks ago. I have cronic pain and I am 50% better, with less food cravings.

Yipee you are what you eat!!

Trickery, deseate, unhealthy! Call it like it is! We want truth!!

Robert Greenstreet

Former executive/”chief lobbyist” for Monsanto in a high position in the FDA? Who are we kidding here? The FDA has been turned into a “branch office” for Monsanto and other corporate criminals. Hello FDA: Is there anyone who still has a Soul working there? Anyone with high (or any?) ethical standards? All of us are paying to subsidize the corn industry — if you can legitimately still call it corn. You can’t even really eat the industrial corn that is used for “corn products,” including HFCS. In order to extract the HFCS, the “corn” is subjected to all manner of toxic chemicals to chemically manipulate the “corn.” Calling this stuff “sugar” is such a sham. I don’t want a chemical concuction (HFCS) — I want real cane sugar. Sugar should mean sugar, not HFCS.

Sue B. Blanton, DC

What’s to say? You already know HFCS is a damaging product, and no matter what you name it, it’ll still be just another lousy product to avoid. Too bad you don’t use the tax dollars we send you to actually police such unhealthy products. Get off the raw milk bandwagon and get rid of HFCS by any name.

Americans deserve healthy nutritional foods for our families not chemically altered “foods” like GMO’s in our food supply so that we can all get sick and be on Big Pharma Medications!
It makes me sick to think about what is happening to my fellow Americans! We must support our local farmers and their organic produce, meats and products!!!

It’s an insult to think that anyone could be fooled by this ridiculous name
change. Equally or more importantly, let’s focus on eliminating HFCS
altogether. Love comment #24….perfect, and also applies to many, many
more issues than just HFCS.

We will not be fooled!! We MUST stand our ground firmly and not be swayed by lies from others who can be “bought out”. Our health is more important than all of that.

I cannot figure out from the info you gave us how to leave a comment for the FDA from this email alert you sent us! You try it and see if you can. I’m sure I’m not the only one who couldn’t, which is a shame.

I’ll be sending another alert in order to explain again how to do so, and to simplify it further. It’s actually quite straightforward:
Click on the link in the post.
At the bottom of the resulting page is “Corn Refiners Association: Citizen Petition”.
To the right is a link that says “Submit a Comment”. Click on it.
Then fill out the form and type your comment in the field provided.
It’s that easy.
Frank Herd
Program Coordinator
Citizens for Health

I strongly oppose this “Corn Sugar Sham!”.

The BOTTOM LINE is that the INTENT of changing the name of HFCS is clearly to deceive the consumer. This is NOT OK!!! Their interest is increasing profits and keeping the consumer in the dark and addicted to sugar consumption in all forms. THIS HAS GOT TO CHANGE!! This needs to be declared absolutely illegal to intentionally use deception in labeling and a major infringement of our right to know what we are buying and consuming.

Angelika Fey-Merritt

Is it really possible that American consumers will be lied to sanctioned by their own government? Hs the food industry lobby not done enough harm? High Fructose Corn Syrup is not recognized by the body as sugar and insulin can’t touch it or process it as it is not a substance that naturally occurs but is man-made! The health of millions of Americans is being gambled with and the uneducated and financially disadvantaged will be hit hardest! This can’t be right. This is evil!

The power and corruptive tactics of the sugar industry is reminicent of the Tobacco Lobby Groups. In fact they worked together to put sugar in cigarettes to icrease addictivness. Somewhere in this nightmare of payoffs and “Deal Sweetners”, I wonder where Monsanto fits in??? That would complete the cast of “American Health For Sale”!

I suffered from food allergies for many years, until I had the money to get tested. This is one of the ingredients I am allergic to. Like me, there are many people out there who cannot process this type of substances, because they are not natural to our bodies. The incidences of degenerative diseases like cancer, have gone up in the past 50 years, and we owe a big part of this to the many additives, chemicals, and unnatural substances that we are adding to our food supplies.

It is ridiculous to think we are adding carcinogens to our food and then lying to the public by saying is not harmful to our health. Unfortunately there is a large number of uneducated people out there that do not bother to read labels and trust private companies and the government to always tell them the truth. This are indeed very sad times we are living, where we are placing selfish monetary interests ahead of the common good.

If we continue in this type of negative conciousssness we are going to be sealing our own fate, because the reprecaussions that these types of actions bring will be severe and very painful to this country. This is a wonderful country to live in, and it deeply troubles me when I hear things like this that go against the american way. Simply put it, it is UNAMERICAN to be doing this to our own people!

My body has enough problems to deal with, some of which might have been caused by these “manufactured” products, I don’t need more! Please don’t let the government shove this down our collective throats!

The reason the FDA was created was to PROTECT CONSUMERS from unhealthy products. Over the last 40 to 50 years you have fallen short of that important job. Changing names, just like the current administration does, to make something SOUND BETTER to uneducated consumers. A majority of us consumers ARE EDUCATED and are staying informed and serching out the TRUTH and FACTS on important issues. HFCS is unhealthy and changing the name will not make it healthy !! ALSO stop going after AMISH farmers that are selling a PROVEN TO BE HEALTHY NATURAL product to VERY HAPPY CONSUMERS. That sting operation was anti American!! ALSO stop going after the Natural Health Food Stores and the supplements they provide for consumers that don’t want to have the side effects that are caused by prescription medication
from the DRUG companys. Looks like the FDA and the Drug co’s and this administration are ALL IN BED with each other and your bottom line is MONEY, NOT HONOR, PRINCIPLES AND VALUES. We are educated as to what we want to put into our bodies. We have a Constitutional Right to choose what we want to put into our bodies and where we want to buy it ! K. Sebelius is just another of MANY people this administration has CHOSEN that are to the EXTREME FAR LEFT and have NO desire to keep America the best NATION on earth. The FDA, Drug Co’s & the current administration should work on HONOR, PRINCIPALS and VALUES. AMERICA would be better for it (of course that is not the desired agenda of this administration) and maybe you would beable to look at yourselves in the mirror and be proud. Money will not buy your way into Heaven…CONTENT OF CHARACTER (MLK) will. GOD BLESS AMERICA !!!

Expose the Fraud and the Lie.

A huge THANK YOU to Lt. Gov. Yvonne Petner Solan! I’m glad someone understands what’s trying to go on behind our backs. SHE GETS IT! The FDA is dangerous, and devious. Don’t “sugar coat” this corn syrup sham. You all should be ashamed of yourselves.

Keith Wilson summed it up wonderfully. Private industries could certify products as safe or unsafe for the public and of course we do not need no stinking FDA. In fact, our lives would be much better off without the FDA. We also do not want any yucky “corn sugar” or any genetically modified, refined, highly toxic chemical put into almost all of our food that is grown in old dumps so the corn absorbs trace elements such as lead, mercury, and arsenic which is then found in high levels in our high fructose corn syrup. We would rather not be poisoned and we would not like the name of HFCS to be changed.

Boy! I can’t really add anything to all the above comments! They are great! I too am an informed consumer, I have studied for over 40 yrs. I know how the body works and I know that all this is only a smokescreen for big business. It most definitely is not in the consumers best interest. I don’t buy anything that contains this abomination. I saw a product the other day that called it “converted” corn syrup or some such thing. I was not fooled. Shame on all of you who are ruining our food supply by contaminating it by genetically modifying it and/or changing the finished product in harmful ways. I wonder if you feed it to your families. I was not put on earth to be your judge. But there is such a thing as karma, what goes around, comes around. I’d hate to be in your shoes when it comes around.

kathleen evans hatton

this is an unnessary to mislead the health care of people.

Please note the new direct link to the FDA page for comments: http://www.regulations.gov/#!submitComment;D=FDA-2010-P-0491-0001.
Keep ’em coming, but be sure to post them to the FDA!

Frank Herd
Program Coordinator
Citizens for Health

It has been scientifically proven that the body cannot process HFCS as easily as sugar. Furthermore, it has also been proven that high levels of mercury are often found in the finished product–as result of the manufacturing process. Consumers have learned to avoid HFCS. Changing its name will not help anyone but the HFCS manufacturers who are poisoning the public with their abominable product.

Dear FDA,

You folks are at another important crossroad for the health of the American People. What you going to do? Give in to big business? Or are you going to vote for the American People and ban this sneaky petition which will allow HFCS change its name to Corn Sugar.

You know about the dangers of HFCS. Don’t let us down.


Jim: be sure to post this where it counts most – on the FDA comments page at http://www.regulations.gov/#!submitComment;D=FDA-2010-P-0491-0001. The FDA won’t see comments posted here!

I just sent these comments to Frito Lay:

I have always loved the taste of your various flavored chips. However, we stopped buying them several years ago due to allergies and diabetes. I always check labels, so I recently looked again at your products. I was so happy to find no listing of hydrogenated fats, MSG, or high fructose corn syrup. As I sit here eating a snack of your Kettle Cooked chips, I read that “high fructose corn syrup” is now being labeled as “corn sugar” and MSG is often called “yeast extract.” Both of these ingredients are listed on the bag of chips in front of me. I feel like I have been conned–which is bad enough. But a con that involves my health is especially disturbing. I suppose we must, once again, swear off the flavored chips. Shame!

Thank you Anna – way to take it up a notch!

If “sugar is sugar”, then that must also mean that “salt is salt”.

I guess tomorrow morning I’ll sprinkle my eggs with sodium cyanide rather than sodium chloride. I’m sure it will be harmless, since my body will process it just as though it were table salt.

As soon as consumers have been educated to the danger to health of High Fructose Corn Syrup, the corn refiners want to change its name so it will appear harmless. HFCS has been linked to kidney and liver problems and as a cause of diabetes by independent studies. My mother was diabetic and my brother was diabetic. For anyone to encourage the use of any substance that leads to diabetes is criminal

When I use the link to enter a comment, I get an error message, “An unexpected error has occurred. Please try your operation again.” I tried several times, making sure all pop up and script blockers were turned off, but got the same error message. Is the particular link to the comment site dead?

The link worked fine for me when I just tested it.
Perhaps you tried commenting on the 11th or 12th? The Regulations.gov site was down for system maintenance at that time.
To be clear, did you receive your message when you clicked on the link in our article, or were you able to navigate to Regulations.gov and only got the message when you filled in your comment and clicked “submit”?

To change HFCS to corn sugar is a mean and sneaky way to fool people. Why not educate people instead of fooling them- only to jeopardize their health and well being. Would you want to be fooled??????????????

You know, there is a very simple solution to the sham that is being considered when the corn growers change the name of High Fructose Corn Syrup to “Corn Sugar” — simply avoid ALL products with corn sugar listed on the label. The corn growers will get the idea that we do not want this stuff in our foods if/when they do not sell anything with the stuff in it!!! From there we need to educate those who don’t know that the corn sugar on the label is just another way of saying HFCS — this will get results even when those in D.C. will not listen to us — you know the old saying, “Money talks?”—well let’s speak to them with our money! They will listen then!

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