Record-Breaking One Million Americans Tell FDA: We Have a Right to Know What’s in Our Food

New National Survey Shows Majority of Americans United

on Labeling of Genetically Engineered Food

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Washington, D.C. (March 27, 2012) – The Just Label It (JLI) Campaign announced today that a record-breaking one million Americans of all political persuasions have called on the FDA to label genetically engineered (GE) foods. The campaign also announced a new national survey revealing that Americans across the political spectrum stand united in support of labeling food that has been genetically engineered. This is a striking contrast to the partisan divisions plaguing our political system.

“Pink slime, deadly melons, tainted turkeys, and BPA in our soup have put us all on notice that what we eat and feed our families is critically important,” said Ken Cook, President of the Environmental Working Group, a JLI partner. “Americans overwhelmingly demand safety, transparency and labeling of genetically engineered foods. It’s time for the FDA to come clean and restore public confidence in our food system.”

Since October, JLI, (, the national campaign to require GE-food labeling and its more than 500 partner organizations have spearheaded an historic number of public comments for a GE-foods labeling petition (Docket #FDA 2011-P-0723-001/CP). March 27 is the date when the FDA is required to respond to the petition.  It took less than 180 days to accumulate the record number of comments.

“In recent years, Americans have shown a real interest in knowing more about our food and now there is a clear mandate for the labeling of genetically engineered foods. This petition asks the FDA to stand up for the rights of average Americans, and not just a handful of powerful chemical companies. It’s time for the FDA to give Americans the same rights held by citizens in forty nations, including all of our major trade partners, to know whether our foods have been genetically modified.  The FDA needs to restore confidence in our food and our right to know about the food we eat and feed our families,” said Gary Hirshberg, chairman of Stonyfield, a JLI partner.


New Survey Results: Motherhood, Apple Pie and GE Food Labeling

Consumer support for GE-foods labeling in the U.S. is nearly unanimous, according to the political opinion survey on GE food labeling conducted by The Mellman Group on behalf of JLI. Explained pollster Mark Mellman, “Few topics other than motherhood and apple pie can muster over 90 percent support, but labeling GE-foods is one of those few views held almost unanimously.”  “The survey found nearly all Democrats (93% favor, 2% oppose), Independents (90% favor, 5% oppose) and Republicans (89% favor, 5% oppose) in favor of labeling. The study also revealed that support for labeling is robust and arguments against it have little sway. (For the survey findings, visit

Colorado mother and author Robyn O’Brien, who founded the AllergyKids Foundation, a JLI partner, after one of her children had an allergic reaction to breakfast, said:  “Americans are responding to the call for GE foods labeling because they want more information for their families. Like allergen labeling, GE-food labels would provide essential and possibly life-saving information for anyone with a food allergy. Being responsible for the health and safety of my children, I believe it’s my right to know about the food I feed my family…from allergens, to ‘pink slime’ to GE foods.”


About Just Label It

JUST LABEL IT (JLI) is a national coalition of 500 diverse organizations dedicated to the mandatory labeling of genetically engineered (GE) foods, also referred to as genetically modified, or GMOs.  The Just Label It message is simple: consumers have a right to know about our food so we can make informed choices about what we eat and feed our families. For updated information, visit the Just Label It website, (

What is a GMO?

“Genetically engineered foods,” “genetically modified organisms,” or GMOs, are organisms that have been created through application of transgenic, gene-splicing techniques that are part of biotechnology. This relatively new science allows DNA (genetic material) from one species to be transferred into another species, creating transgenic organisms with combinations of genes from plants, animals, bacteria, and even viral gene pools. The mixing of genes from different species that have never shared genes in the past is what makes GMOs and GE crops so unique. It is impossible to create such transgenic organisms through traditional crossbreeding methods.

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Full transparency – let us make our own decisions around choosing GMO food or not – full disclosure is essential and the honorable thing to do.

GMO’s are unnecessary,except that the FDA and other leaders want to play God, but all they will do is create health problems for many citizens of our country, that they will not be able to cure.
God has wonderfully created all the food we need for our nourishment. All we need to do is to plant non-GMO seeds, and our lives will be much healthier, Thank God.

What a wonderful response! Let us prayer that there is follow-up and the horrible practices of ruining our food is stopped!

Col. R.C. Burkheimer

Will we ever know th truth what going into our food?

I am totally againest this; thank God for everyone who supports
and stands behind this… God Bless Them and God Bless America.


it is a strange time when we have to demand to know exactly what it is that we are eating and stranger still to have to demand to know whether or not our food is safe for ourselves and our families. it is a strange time we live in when we actually have to sign petitions regarding the quality of our food. the fda was created to protect consumers and ensure that what they put into their bodies would be nourishing and healthy. that is their job. now it seems that the fda is more concerned with money than with anything else. not a good thing…..and actually pretty scary…

We have a right to know what is in our food.

we demand labeling of all GMO.

This is just the right thing to do. If anyone has watched the turnover in the FDA and USDA, they have forgotten about the very people and the reason they exist. Why shouldn’t they be held accountable? Anyone belonging to those acronyms, and don’t stand for the American people must lack the basic morals and fortitude to complete the task of protecting us. Does any one have a heart? Not only has Cancer rates exploded, but every other disease and ailment. I believe if we can start by protecting the food we consume, that can help us all make a big turn around. I also believe that we deserve to have a CHOICE of what we should eat. Thank You.

[…] To read the press release which includes results of a recent survey by The Mellman Group, go to Record-Breaking One Million Americans Tell FDA: We Have a Right to Know What’s in Our Food. This support by over 92% of all Americans goes across our political spectrum, according to […]

Well—now we will see it the people have any power in the US anymore.

This press release was sent out the same day that the FDA was required to have respoded to the petition by. Why didn’t they print this along with the response? Where is the news reporters article on the response? what was the response? Where are all the reports that should have been on the front page of all free newspapers or free media? Where is it? This article was written just to placate.

It seems that common sense will finally prevail.

what we put in our mouth deside wether we live or die


This is killing honey bees & threatening our food supply!

We have the right to know about GMO’s in our food. If they are so good and harmless to our bodies then why won’tonsa to label them???

gmo’s will destroy the health of rich and poor alike.
stop it at all costs. ban gmo’s now and label the food already poisoned and in stores

go organic

Genetic modification by the company Monsanto has had nothing to do with enhancing the seed quality of their patented sterile seeds in order to produce a crop with improved value or even useful as nourishment for human or animal consumption. Acquaint yourselves with the truth and begin by reading the book, SEEDS OF DECEPTION by Jeffrey Smith and see his website. Do ALL the research and become an informed consumer. Your life and that of all nations is at stake….only because of ignorance of the truth.

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