Sign the Petition! Time to Knock It Out of the Park!

By James J. Gormley

After a brief technical snafu, our PETITION is once again operational…….our apologies to all who tried to add their name but could not since midnight. But it is working again, so please try again to sign if you tried last night!!

CLICK HERE to add your name to the petition!

WE NOW BROKE 9,OOOPETITION SIGNATURES!!!  We’re now at 9,808 signatures!!

A few days ago it seemed like a far-fetched, impossible goal: 10,000 petition signatures in 10 days! What organization could possibly do that!? Well, Citizens for Health supporters are on the road to doing JUST that!

For those who have asked, here is additional information as to WHY this New Dietary Ingredients (NDI) Draft Guidance is so bad.

As of this writing, 1:51 PM EST on November 30th we have 9,808 signatures and counting!! Thank you to all who signed the petition!!!

That being said, we’re at 98% of our goal and we have  ONE AND ONE-HALF DAYS LEFT to make history.

Click here to add your name!

We need to take it to the streets. To our e-mail address books. To our Facebook friends. To our LinkedIn connections. To our Twitter followers as well!

So…………to make that even easier, here is the link to “SIGN THE PETITION.”

…and here is the link to the video.

Now is the time for righteous indignation, so let’s express that indignation by sending in a massive boatload of petition signatures this week!

Comments (21)

Add my name to your petition to stop FDA. Thanks

My body, my choice

We need to protect our freedom to make our own
choices. Drugs are much more harmful than any
risk of vitamin use.

Health and wellness is a human right that should not be subject to monetary games by trade or government.

As an average consumer who purchases vitamin, I need more explanation on why I need to sign this petition other than saving 100k people’s job and 100 Billion Dollar loss of Vitamin industry. Consumer hears job losses and billions of dollars lost with other sectors of job industry. I am signing the petition because I have my loved ones working for supplement industry and mostly use supplements and holistic approach to better health. However, in order to convince average consumers life myself, I think you need to give more convictions, explanations why we as a consumer need to stop FDA…

Dear Elise,
Thanks for your comment.
We did give more info originally, but I guess people would have to drill down a bit to get to it.
Here is one of the pieces of info that may help:
Many thanks.

I support this petition whole heartedly!

I agree with My body My Choice!!!

Health and wellness is a human right and how I choose to stay healthy. And taking away this basic right is Unlawful.

The FDA must be stopped at any cost.

Bonnyeclaire Stewart

You might want to make it a little easier to “sign” by adding “click here to sign the petition” and have the “add my name to your petition ….” at the top of the page.

Done…..and thank you for having pointed that out!

We need to protect our freedom to make our own
choices. Drugs are much more harmful than any
risk of vitamin use.

Gladly sign to limit the FDA

Stop taking awaY OUR FREEDOMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Add my name to your petition to stop the FDA, Thanks

Government Get Out – too much intrusion into the lives of Americans and way too many failures on the part of big government.

Being healthy using nutritional supplements is our right. Stop meddling in our rights!

Keep the goverment out of our lives

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