Jim Turner

25 Jan: The Transpartisan Review Blog #30

October 31, 2016, 499 years to the date after Martin Luther challenged the Catholic Church, Pope Francis traveled to Lutheran Sweden, to recognize Luther and lead off a yearlong acknowledgement of the Protestant Reformation that divided Christianity into feuding sects.

20 Jan: The Transpartisan Review Blog #29

Formed in the 1790s, Jefferson’s Democratic-Republicans and Alexander Hamilton’s Federalists were the country’s, and thus the world’s, first political parties. The Democratic-Republicans believed in an agrarian-based, decentralized, democratic government.

22 Dec: The Transpartisan Review Blog #25

Transpartisans, people from all walks of life and all political hues committed to solving problems together, can affect political reality. They can do this by constructively integrating the Founders’ checks and balances with the powerful democratizing information tools permeating our daily lives.

08 Dec: The Transpartisan Review Blog #23

Trump won. Electoral vote 306; popular vote 62,693,993. Clinton lost. Electoral vote 232; popular vote 65,260,513 (and counting). (CNN, Dec 5, 2016). “Voter Eligible Population That Didn’t Vote: 95,899,115 (41.4 percent of total eligible voters.)…there were 251,107,404 people who classify as members of the voting-age population; therefore 115,449,897 of the voting-age population (or 46.3 percent) did not vote.” (Click here for reference). The voting age population includes non-eligible voters such as 2.5 million felons, thus the difference between voting age population and eligible voters.

24 Nov: The Transpartisan Review Blog #21

Progressive critics of President-Elect Trump are producing a blizzard of warnings about authoritarianism both in the President-Elect and in many of his followers. They are right to be concerned about anti-democratic sentiment from any source. Similar authoritarianism can be part of mass demonstrations against the new administration. We need to worry about this.