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Comments (25)

FDA trying to destroy natural supplements and ingredient industry!

The following link will allow you to send an email to your Senators, representatives and FDA concerning the dastardly New Dietary Ingredient regulations that are slated to drive the cost of health supplements off the chart. Please tell them we don’t need this regulation (drafted for FDA by the pharmaceutical industry) which is intended to take natural supplements away from us. Even if you have acted on this before, please do this again, and forward to all your friends. It is easy and we need to stop this evil plan.

We do not need the goverment to regulate our natural supplements and food

Please don’t cave to big business. Leave the playing field level. Most small businesses that make supplements take more pride in providing a good product. Quit interfering with supplements at the behest of big business.

Dianne Vogt

Our country’s government has become so large, and her citizens have become so small that that they are denied even the weakest voice in what goes on. Why the FDA should be able to dictate whatever law that pleases big pharm is beyond my understanding.
When it reaches the point where we are not even allowed to protect our health, it is past time for some drastic changes.

Supplements have saved my life…conventional medications have on more than one occassion “killed” me due to it’s side effects..with out my supplements..I most likely would be dead now…even medication to help with anaphalactic shock has almost killed me…I hope every one will take a stand and stop this interferance

We do not need this New Dietary Ingredient regulations because our soil where our food is grown is depleted of nutrients, over fertilized to the point we must take supplements to stay healthy. I am 82 and have taken supplements since the age of 33. I have not had hip or knee surgery like most my age. I believe it is because I have taken it upon myself to take care of my health using supplements and not depend on a doctor or the pharmaceutical drugs to releave any symptoms. Doctors are over worked and do not need the burden of writing perscriptions for supplements. God takes care of those that take care of themselves.

I have been taking supplements all of my life ..My Mom started us on them when we were kids. I am now 64 and do not take,or need pharmaceuticals. The FDA is nothing but a bunch crooks who stand behind the pharmaceutical companies at the expense of the people.
Natural supplements are much healthier for the people than anything the drug company’s can come up with. How many die from the drug company’s more than 100,000….. How many from supplements 0.

Citizens for Health members must bombard Texas Governor Rick Perry, who wants to be president, with the message that he must stop the Texas Medical Board’s persecution of Stanislaw Burzynski, M.D., PhD., who is successfully treating advanced cancers with alternative therapy, much to the chagrin of the FDA and the medical establishment, who would prefer that dollars continue to pour into chemo, radiation, and surgery for cancer. Burzynski is going to go on trial in April 2012 after having been vindicated many times in the past, at the vast expense of taxpayers and future patients. Perry appointed the members of the Texas Medical Board. You can reach Perry’s office by phone at 512-463-2000, or, if you’re in Texas, at 800-252-9600. You can email him at or send him a letter at Governor Rick Perry, P.O. Box 12428, Austin, Texas 78711.

I have been taking vitamins basically all my life and I am now 68 years old and do not take any perscription meds. Please don’t take my vitamins away!!!!!!!!!!

Keep the government out of our business. The gov has enough to do .. spending all the tax money they steal from us.

still work take vitamins mineral herbs i never set sick my patients remain healthy and come off their cholesterol drugs &BP drugs as some of the tx

Do not let natural supplements be regulated. Pharm drugs only address the symptoms. They do not want to find cures. This way,they can rake billions and billions. Stop the greed.

Do not let natural supplements be regulated. Pharm drugs only address the symptoms. They do not want to find cures.

Please do not take these valuable supplements from those who depend on them. I’m 72 and will never take any prescription drug ever, never, as they are more destructive then helpful. They only mask symptoms. Doctors never try to find out what is causing the illness they just wright a prescription no matter what. They make billions on all of those taking the drugs and brain wash the victims into thinking if they don’t take them they will die especially when it comes to chemo and radiation and surgery. They get offended when you say you do not want chemo or radiation. One treatment of Chemo is $4,000..that in itself tells you something. It is not about health it is about wealthy. THe government does not need to be in our lives and the doctors should start finding cures not dispensing poison to become addicted to. The drugs don’t help they are destructive to the human body. The body has the ability to help itself given the proper nutrition and supplements, natural supplements with no artificial garbage in them, like chemicals and pesticides etc.

Leave to us what Our Mother Earth has given us.
Leave to us what our God has given us.

the last thing we need is MORE BIG GOVERNMENT!!! let the people think and choose for themselves what is best for them and their families, sometimes you do need a doctor and maybe a medication for a short time, but 95% of the medications given are done so for the wrong reasons with severe consequences and decreased quality of life.

Don’t the greedy pharmaceuticals make enough money from their overpriced, exhorbitant prescription medicines Why do they charge $348.00 for aone months supply of AndroGel, when the cost of the active ingredient in AndroGel is around $4.00. Many men who try it will continue to use it each month for the resst of their lives.
Is this what they want to do to the vitamin market, with their attempt to control it?

Just for some more information about this awful subject. This is coming as a direct order from the WTO. The world trade organization. It has already implemented this crap in England, and it is taking it’s toll. The worst part is this information is not on the news, cause the Big pharma criminals control the news now. YOU and all of us, have to inform everyone we can, the family, friends, church, work place and even strangers. The other really bad thing is, we do not have mandatory GMO labeling here in the USA, in England they do, at least they know they can find real fruits/veggies to help them now, but we don’t have that luxury here, and our cows, pigs, chickens are FULL of gmo corn and other chemical filled feed. So they are making us sick with that stuff too. Some really bad people are in charge over there in the FDA. They should be closed down.a

Nature knows how to heal nature.
We are nature. We have simply forgotten that Mother Earth is our source, not big Pharma, big Agri, or big Government.
We are all connected, if the least of us fails, we all do. Wake up.

I have been taking dietary supplements ever since I was going through a battle with Cancer. They helped me sustain energy while going through the standard chemo and radiation. This was the only control I had over my own health at that time. I continue to take supplements to sustain optimal health as opposed to just not being sick. If the government tries to regulate the natural supplements our choices to live a healthy life will be limited to products which are ineffective and expensive. Food sources provide very little in the way of nutritional value. The only way to feed the body with the proper nutrients is through supplements. Please don’t let the government rule this very personal and private right- the right to live a healthy life.

I had cancer 11 yrs ago. I did the chemo tx(which just about killed me)cancer resurfaced 6 yrs ago. I decided to go the natural route ie changed my lousy diet,added supplements,did a lot of research on natural treatments and improved my immune system. I also quit taking my prescribed meds(just what big pharma wants to hear)Today I feel better than I have in years. I owe this to the supplements,diet,and educating myself to the fact that everyone one of us needs to take responsibility for our own health… do not leave your good health in the hands of the goverment…look what they have done to our country. The goverment is in bed with BIG PHARMA… follow the $$$$ trail. They do not care about us as individuals. We have to take care of ourselves and preserve the right to buy supplements and seek our own method of health care not only for us but furure generations.

I’m a senior citizen and I don’t take any pharmaceuticals. Only vitamins and minerals. I might have that fight with the Docs someday but I will still take only supplements.

Everything has pretty much been said on how I feel. Our government has let us down by partnering with the pharmaceutical companies and causing death and disease for the American people.

I wholeheartedly agree with what others have stated. I am an AIDS patient who has learned the truth about this disease. I gave up the standard treatment for AIDS and only take low dose naltrexone which is helping many with immune diseases and my supplements. I am what is termed an AIDS Rethinker and for those interested, please go to a youtube and listen to Dr. David Rasnick on the matter. There are many natural cures for numerous diseases but one has to research them as generally the mainstream knows nothing about them nor can they use them. Our system of medical treatment is flawed and the doctors cannot deviate from standard procedures, regardless of the results. Cancer is a prime example.

I keep getting emails from my congressman, Henry Waxman, when I sign petitions about supplements. He always defends the FDA. Why? I can’t figure that out.

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