The Censorship of Autism Treatment

by Kim Stagliano, Author “All I Can Handle. I’m No Mother Teresa.”

Last Thursday afternoon, The General Medical Council in London, England announced its decisions in the disciplinary hearing of Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Professor Simon Murch and Professor John Walker-Smith. The ruling was not in their favor.

There will likely be other posts here at HuffPost explaining the legal machinations of the GMC hearings and science behind the original The Lancet paper, now retracted. Be sure to look for David Kirby’s post on the topic. If you’re interested, you can read an eye witness account of the proceedings from Martin Walker, who has followed the GMC hearing from the start.

To understand the bigger picture, I highly recommend Mark Blaxill’s Age of Autism post on the current scientific environment for autism research in general in which he says, “The deep and profound censorship occurring around autism science reaches depths that few casual observers can imagine. I have proof.” HERE

I’d like to provide the voice of an autism Mom, hoarse from yelling into the wind for a cumulative total of thirty seven years. You see, I have three daughters with autism, ages 15, 13 and 9. Autism isn’t an abstract battle ground to me. I don’t write about autism to gather virtual high fives from a like minded community or to protect an industry or my own turf. My family eats, sleeps, breathes and ultimately, will die, with autism overshadowing every move we make.

When did autism go from a rare diagnosis to a disorder that affects 1 in 110 children but still warrants little to no medical care outside of psychiatric drugs and behavioral therapy? An autism diagnosis can erase a person’s ability to get solid medical care. If you brought your six year old to a hospital in the throes of a seizure, the neurologists would run tests and look for the cause. When I brought my six year old, I was told, “She has autism. She has different circuitry.” And then when I requested tests, I was told, “We’re just not that aggressive with autism.” My child has a brain and a gut and an immune system just like any other child. Why does her autism negate that?

Fortunately, there are doctors like Andrew Wakefield and others, most of whom prefer to keep a low profile as you can imagine, who can look past the behavioral diagnosis to the thrashing or sobbing child and his haggard Mom, exhausted from cleaning up bathroom accidents or cajoling a grapefruit sized BM from her anguished child every few days.

There is joy all over the Internet, back slapping and “Isn’t it grand!” that Dr. Wakefield and his colleagues have been brought down so publicly. At the same time, autism is chewing through our country at breakneck speed. 1 in 250 became 1 in 166 which increased to 1 in 150 and is now 1 in 110 with no signs of abating. Schools and families are bearing the brunt of the battle today. Tomorrow, as the children become young adults and “age out” of school, you, the average Huffington Post reader, will be partially responsible for them via your taxes. The finger pointing in Connecticut, where I live, has already begun. A recent newspaper article began with, “Why is the district being punished for having too many white autistic kids?”

I implore you to consider the patients. Remember the children, young adults and older persons with autism for whom GI disorders and other medical conditions are a very real problem.

We need a thousand doctors like Andrew Wakefield, who are willing to risk their careers and reputations in order to find out what is happening to our children and how to heal them. That’s what physician scientists do after all. Help and heal.

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No actually we need to have more investigative journalists cover the epidemic of frauds infiltrating the autism community. As in Amanda Baggs, the woman who took a copious amount of LSD, fried her brain, then, in a pervasive delusional state, went on the internet with her buddy and studied autistic people until she became a skilled character actress. Then there’s Ari Ne’eman, who is a man diagnosed with Aspergers at 20 yrs of age, then suddenly shoots to fame as the self appointed autism spokesperson. Not to forget the ever articulate and so autistic lady, katie miller, oh yea, now there’s a rain chick If we ever saw one. Go Kate. Before Kate, of course, there is the artsy autie, Donna Williams, a multiple personality disorder who has one personality that is autistic. Quite interesting, indeed. And the list goes on. You have Horse Boy, who was ADHD, not autistic. You have Son Rise, who was perhaps not autistic. You have McCarthy’s boy who was definately not autistic and then there’s kids swimming with dolphins, taking B=12, DMG and wa la, they are now non autistic. Oh wait. We forgot the Defying Autism author who says her child was possessed with demons and after “deliverance” he is now a happy boy. Oh boy, it just never ends. And ya know why? Because not enough investigative journalists have taken the time to look at this. They have not connected the dots. They have failed to see the frauds and the hype. You know the ole’s saying: if a lie goes unexposed the people think it’s okay to keep lying. It’s basic behaviorism 101, NOT enough people are challenging the frauds of autism so they keep growing in numbers, fooling the media. Lying. Posing as autistics to the detriment of those who are dealing with real autism. .

The epidemic is based off the chemicals in vaccines, food and beauty products. Aluminum is in Gardasil at 225 mg pershot they will need yet another three shots in 5 years. By the time they hit forty years old Alzheimers will have set in! Autism is a vaccine based injury right along with gardsil,Dtap, Hep B, start reading llok at the data and see how many reactions we have yearly and this is only 10% of the injuries that really occur from vaccines

To Whom It May Concern;

I am thrilled to have found your site. I am an experienced Special Education/Early Childhood Education Teacher with more than 14 years of experience working with Special Needs children. I have had significant experience with the PDD/Autistic population in both public and private schools, and as a respite care worker, all in Massachusetts. I am extremely interested in getting involved in your group. I am passionate about teaching and have developed a huge repetoire of unique skills which enable me to work with all populations of Special Needs Students.
I am currently looking for my niche; a place where I can utilize my skills, training, passion and interpersonal skills to make a difference, on some level, in the world.
On a separate note, I am also very interested in nutraceuticals(as opposed to pharmaceuticals) to promote wellness and decrease illness. I have an extensive history of my own on the negative effects of pharmaceuticals on the human body. After several years of research and guidance I completely turned my health around with the help of 1 or 2 quality nutraceuticals prescribed to me by my doctor. It is amazing to have my health back, and I believe it is now my mission to share my experience and findings with all who are interested in a non-pharmaceutical approach to wellness.
I am familiar with a wonderful line of nutraceuticals that have been specifically designed for children/adults with Autistic Spectrum Disorders. The products are unique as they are isotonic in form and focus primarily on the G.I. conditions that plague individuals with Autism.
I encourage you to contact me, at your convenience, to see if we could somehow work together and share information.
If you are not interested in learning about these products, that’s fine. Please know that I would be honored to work with your organization in any way possible!

I am here for you, and I want to help to be a part of the solution.


Julie Lukens Belsky

Madeleine B. Furth

My friend is 50 years old and has adult autism. Which
nutraceuticals would help? Please tell me what to read. His sister has financial responosibility for him and she would have to choose to buy the nutraceuticals.
Madeleine B. Furth 202-363-0316
I live in Washington, DC.

Yes, excellent site. Julie Belski you have a good heart to try to help people. I did find a couple of doctors who may be able to help you with Autism:…he is a doctor in Canada. Also: One more:….She has alot of articles.
This is a start – hopefully they can help you and Madeleine with a diet.
I am not a doctor, I am sorry, but, I love science and I love to help people. I am normally an artist, but there are so very many things going on in the world that are harming people, that it is hard for me to paint – plus people can’t eat paintings! (doesn’t digest very well!)
So, what I’m doing is a great deal of reseach. Very interesting – even going around the world – in my living room!
There is one more place to look at: The
What a horrible illness AUTISM is! There just has to be a way to help alleviate some of the effects of it!
Have hope.

Autism is a life long disorder. There is also an epidemic of children misdiagnosed with autism who really have things like “fetal alcohol syndrome” or “fragile x” or “laundau kleffner syndrome (Jenny mccarthy’s son), “adhd” or “aspergers” or “PDD” that aren’t truly autistic, so it’s important to separate the non-autistics with the truly autistics, or we will FOREVER be spinning in a cirlce of confusion when it comes to research and treatment of authentic true autism. See cdfoakley channel on youtube for a look at what is probably the most authentic look at true SEVERE autsim seen on internet. Of course, there are other higher functioning autistics, but this channel gives researchers an insight into what severe to PROFOUND autism looks like. Very important. Extremely educational. And don’t forget cases like Donna Williams, the alleged “high functioning autistic” who for years wrote books about her HF autism, but now has recently been diagnosed with multiple personality disorder or Dissociative Identity Disorder Google: “…/losing-time-dissociative-identity-disorder-and-the-real-time-travellers” We have to be very CAREFUL who we call autistic and who we call other things, because it seems AUTISM has become a very popular label assigned to NON autistics, which actually HURTS the truly autistic population. Be careful. Know what autism is, and what it is NOT. Jenny McCarthy’s son was said to NEVER have had autism, but Landau Kleffner Syndrome. So be careful. As for John Travolta’s son, Jett, he was TRULY autistic and the public didn’t understand the PAIN or pressure this poor man and his family endured while trying to raise this child. This is WHY it is critical TRUE autism, especially autism with epilepsy is understood by PUBLIC. And as for autistics who suffer from constant self abuse, take a look at kgaccount or cdfoakly on YOU TUBE for a REAL look on autism and self injurious behavior. Be prepared to have your eyes opened. There are MANY things that HELP severely autistics, we need to understand how we can HELP these families, no matter what their income is….

Before any parent of an autistic child decides to try and swim the dolphins, I suggest you see Japan slaughtering the same dolphins your autistic child may be swimming with: See the movie: The Cove (film) – The dolphins are herded into a hidden cove where they are netted and sold for about 150,000 bucks! Others are SLAUGHTERED or sold as dolphin meat. These people have no souls. They are evil people, part of the making money off autism industry. But they will be exposed and bad karma will follow them for years. How funny that
attempts to view or film the dolphin killing in the cove in Japan are physically blocked….gee, it’s all about money, what else? Bad karma is coming to these dolphin killing people. What a scam. Just like the people making money off autism. It’s not about autism, it’s all about making money OFF autism. See the movie “The Cove” and be prepared to see of greed that will make you sick. Just say NO to dolphin swim therapy and autism.

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