The FDA’s Plan to Cripple the Health Food Industry: Their New War Has Begun

September 13, 2011

By James J. Gormley,
Vice President and Senior Policy Advisor, Citizens for Health

According to a July 7, 2011 report from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Pathway to Global Product Safety and Quality, government spending on healthcare has been on the rise since at least 1990 in the world’s leading economies.

U.S. Medicare spending is projected to reach $900 billion by 2018, partly a factor of the fact that the Medicare population has been, and is expected to continue, growing at four times the rate of the “employed” population between 2000 and 2025. Public hospital expenditures alone are predicted to reach over $1 trillion by 2015.

I am sure that the FDA is aware of the study entitled, “Effect of Selected Dietary Supplements on Health Care Reduction” that was commissioned by the Dietary Supplement Education Alliance (DSEA) and updated in 2007, which found that only four specific supplements, alone — calcium with vitamin D (bone health); folic acid (neural tube defects); omega-3 fats (heart health); and lutein with zeaxanthin (eye health) — could reduce healthcare costs by over $24 billion.

These are only direct cost savings, and savings directly related to them, however. If we were able to add all indirect costs and downstream cost-of-care burden projections to these data, and if we were able to assess savings from other critical dietary supplements — such as CoQ10, multivitamins, brain health ingredients (such as Huperzine A), liver health nutrients (such as milk thistle and Picrorhiza kurroa), joint health nutrients (such as biologically active silicon), and so on —- it is likely that the ultimate healthcare savings to Americans and to society would be … staggering.

Therefore, it is mystifying to me, and to many others, why the FDA would choose, 17 years after the passage of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) of 1994, to re-interpret the laws governing dietary supplements as evident in the agency’s “Draft Guidance for Industry: Dietary Supplements: New Dietary Ingredient Notifications and Related Issues” issued in July.

It is baffling as to why the FDA would, as evident in the regulatory and policy viewpoints underpinning this guidance, seek to use wholly new interpretations of “what is a dietary supplement ingredient,” “what is a dietary supplement,” “what is a new dietary ingredient,” for example, as bases for what is obvious is its new supplement review and enforcement position.

Based on the FDA’s own statements and examples in the guidance, along with a simple exercise of extrapolating from what FDA is saying to what it is they apparently intend, a vast majority of the supplements sold in the U.S. would be drastically affected by review, implementation and enforcement activities along the lines outlined in this document.

Because the guidance is for industry, not for the agency. The agency is already heading down a path that would eviscerate the dietary supplement industry and would cause lasting, irreparable harm to American consumers and healthcare in the United States.

The harm would come from “dumbed down” formulations that exclude innovative natural ingredients that will have received objection notices from the FDA. The harm would come from whole swaths of products being eliminated by responsible supplement companies that cannot afford the hundreds of thousands, even millions, of dollars that would be required in order to perform toxicology tests and to develop safety dossiers on ingredients that are already proven to be safe. The harm would come from companies reverting their supplement formulations to antiquated processing and ingredient compositions that were in place prior to 1994.

Neither American consumers nor the dietary supplement industry are going to take this unconscionable attempt by the FDA to, via various NDI-related side doors, effectively re-write DSHEA, maim the health-food industry and drastically reduce consumer choice sitting down.

In fact, a number of consumer grassroots advocacy groups and initiatives are rallying to the cause, including:

I invite all of you to join with and support the critical work being done and about to be rolled out over the coming weeks.

While the fight to pass the Proxmire Bill defined the struggle for health freedom in the 1970s, and the battle for DSHEA was our signature victory in the 1990s, our war now is to protect dietary supplements from the FDA’s concerted efforts, behind the NDI guidance, to rip apart the health-food industry and to make America profoundly less healthy and more sick.

While our first campaign will take a couple of months, FDA has made it clear that it is operating under vastly misguided and adversarial interpretations of the laws governing dietary supplements than given to them by Congress and the American people.

Our defining health-freedom battle of the first century of this new millennium has begun.

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FDA = Federal Death Administration.

Keep the governemtn out of the supplement business. It’s all about money and control all parts of our lives.

Keep the government out of the supplement business

I tried to send a letter but there was no acceptance of my Canadian zip code.

Maxine Kerr

I completely agree. I know that my supplements have helped me greatly. My MD has suggested many to me and others I have researched on my own
What do we have to do to make the FDA stop this reaching to take them away?

Just let me know what I can do. I do not have money. But I can and will do anything I can do by telephone, email, or whatever.


This attempt to interfere with individuals’ rights to determine their own health care and FORCE people to move to a known “health care system” that DOES NOT WORK is an affront to all of us. What is in it for these people that they continue, year after year, to destroy a healthy way of life for millions of people whose health is not in jeopardy? How many people have died from an “overdose” of vitamins? VS. How many people die virtually every day from prescribed prescription drugs that have been found to be toxic and poisonous? Why do these “people” not go after them – IF OUR HEALTH CARE IS OF REAL CONCERN TO THEM? Why ‘FIX” something (vitamin supplements) that is not broken?

I am 74 years old and have taken vitamin supplements prescribed by a certified nutritionist for at least the past 25 years. In all the 50 years prior to changing my “eating habits” I virtually NEVER felt good. I was alwayws “sickly,” tired, and generally not healthy. Since that time I saw my nutritionist, who discovered food allergies and removed this food from my diet and recommended certain vitamins to avoid vitamin deficiency, I HAVE NEVER FELT BETTER. I live in a retirement community where all my neighbors spend their days going from one doctor’S appointment to another doctor’s appointment, then gathering around each other “comparing ailments and their latest medication,” getting new prescriptions, generally going downhill, never feeling well, are not in good health, but constantly getting a variety of ailments. They all get flu shots, but still get the flu. I, on the other hand, never even get a cold. I never get a flu shot, never get the flu, and yet I work around many students every day and am never sick. WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY HEALTH STYLE THAT YOU MORONS HAVE TO SWOOP DOWN AND ARBITRARILY TAKE A SUCCESSFUL HEALTH PLAN AWAY FROM ME. WHO ARE YOU? God??????

By the way, how is their health? They should all be removed from their jobs and their paychecks taken away from. They certainly have not earned any salary, as far as I can tell.

Why would I choose their “path to health” instead of the one that I have – THE ONE THAT WORKS???????????

The FDA should be abolished and started over. THeir ties to the Pharmaceutical industry should also be cut off. My nutrients that I take into my body have a great deal to do with a 17 year cancer free life. Also in a stroke recovery.

Dear James,

What a fantastic article. While the FDA is seeking to eradicate the dietary supplement consumer, and the dietary supplement industry, much of the rest of the government is actually touting the efficacy of dietary supplements that you mention on specific disease conditions, and saying that they all have a significant effect on improving and preventing things like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, strokes, alzheimer’s, and obesity. In fact, the CDC states that 75% of healthcare costs can be attributed to these preventable chronic disease conditions. The NIH in PubMed goes on to state that most of these conditions are showing dietary deficiencies as a primary cause of these conditions. And there are literally thousands of published studies that show statistically significant improvement in all of the supplements that you mention in the article.

The FDA needs to get on the same page with the US Surgeon General, who states that “eating healthy can help reduce people’s risk for heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis, and several types of cancer, as well as help them maintain a healthy body weight.”

This isn’t just Citizens for Health and other concerned organizations stating that the FDA is off base with their “draft guidance”. This is organizations like the American Heart Association, the National Cancer Institute, and many other reputable health organizations stating that dietary supplements have a huge role in health and wellness!

I think it’s high time that the FDA turn and pay attention to the thousands of published studies which show efficacy of dietary supplements on chronic disease conditions, and that they begin to do what they were commissioned to do in the first place—protect the American public with the best of foods, drugs, and dietary supplements.

You are right on target, James! Thank you for the excellent article!

Good info and strikes a resounding bell – keep it coming!

I wonder if organizations such as yours knows about the Elders of Zion and if they do are afraid to talk about them. They are devil whoshippers and do not hesitate the killing of their own kind. They work in the shadows by infiltrating various government offices or departments and dictate policy. They control the wealth of the world so is it any wonder that they can buy any person? They are responsible for most of everything negative that is happenibg in the world including control of the FDA.

What are some ways we can help fight the FDA on this battle ?

These actions are NOT in the best interest of the public, client, patient, person, or any other category. All it will accomplish is to make the general public sicker, and more dependent upon the medical/pharmacetical indutry for help. And the help will not be available. The whole operation stinks. What can a individual do to combat the trend????

Defeating the FDA will take a major coordinated effort including public demonstrations, education of the public, major legal action, and a total grass roots effort. Unless politicians know it will be their head, health-freedom will be lost. It would be helpful for the organizations that care about health-freedom to coordinate their efforts. It appears that both democrats and republicans support the legislation because it is supported by their major campaign contributors. How about writing an article about the objective, the strategies required to retain our freedom, and the grass roots tactics required to succeed. Thank you.

See our press release, posted today. We will be posting more related, useful content as we move forward. On Thursday, look for our organizational comments to the FDA, as well as an action page for folks to send their own. More policy analysis and activities to come.

Powerful expose of an agency that, as Dr. Paul put it, abuses whatever power it gets.

I also addressed this in a recent Vitamin Lawyer Health Freedom Blog entry:

Tell the FDA to get out of our personal life choice to choose what health we want.
It is our Constitutional right as a US Citizen to choose what health care plan we want.

READ THE US CONSTITUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We don’t need the govt or FDA interferring in health supplements. There is already too much involvement. Govt control means less liberty for the people. We should have the freedom to choose.

THANK YOU James Gormley for your clear, compelling description of the latest catastrophe that the FDA is trying to create. I’m so thankful that there are like-minded souls who are willing to say “That is NOT okay!” to health tyranny.

Over decades I’ve personally seen so many wonderful stories where a holistic health care solution was clearly the best solution. I’ll share one example that involved my mother.

My mother developed a bone spur on her foot. At the time my mother weighed around 125 pounds and was in her sixties. Two podiatrists and a bone specialist MD advised my mother to have an operation to physically grind away the bone spur. I knew I’d see Dr. Alex Duarte at a meeting in a few weeks. I suggested that she wait until I could talk with him. Dr. Alex Duarte has a Ph.D. in nutrition. The man is a walking encyclopedia concerning nutrition and health.
Dr. Duarte had simple advice: Take 1,200 mg of magnesium orally per day. She did, and in 10 days the bone spur had DISSOLVED — no operation needed, no danger of post operative infection, no danger of a reaction to anesthesia, no painful recovery period, etc. And the
holistic magnesium solution cost less than
1% of what the operation would have cost.

If some people would like to visit my web site,
( that’s a simple means to get in touch with me. I am working with the kind of people who would appreciate your article to expand the reach of holistic approaches to health in the USA. The more people we have on “our side” the more we can prevent the FDA’s evil edicts.

Rich in Minnesota USA

FDA shoots itself in the foot again, it is amazing what pharma influence can do to maximize profits.

Not only is my husband battling cancer, he is battling the FDA. American medicine can offer NOTHING for him – 4th stage lung cancer and MDS. His only hope is for a God-sized miracle (we’re believing for that) and alternative health care and supplements. Our plea on his website is for people to become educated and stand up for their rights to choose their health care options.

These data expose the corrupt underbelly of health care and its dismal and deadly performance. The underlying theme of theirs is, “Oh yes, you CAN poison yourself back to health from a chronic illness w/ toxic pharma.. making the equation: toxic body + toxic drug = good health.. and oh.. the Earth is flat.. sign here.

Dear Mr. Gormley,
I am not baffled as to why the FDA uses in appropriate or false policy to prevent nutritional supplements from being used to bring down the cost of health care. There are individuals in the FDA (as well as in other organizations – but we are talking about the FDA at this moment) and these individuals KNOW that supplements work. They know this. And it is their intention to stop this solution from being implemented.

Mr. L. Ron Hubbard, Philosopher, Educator and Humanitarian writes in detail about the ‘anti-social personality’. The actions of the FDA match that anti-social personality behavior.

If you wish to “understand” more about how to deal with anti-social individuals and groups, then I urge you to familiarize yourself with Mr. Hubbard’s findings. Anti-social people can be handled, if you know the technology of these small percentage of our population who manage to wreck harm and havoc. But you would need to avail yourself of this data.

Once armed, it can make a huge difference in your effectiveness.

There is a booklet by Mr. Hubbard entitled, “The Cause of Suppression”. That’s a good place to start.
Good luck.

I remain sincerely,
Leslie Silton
Los Angeles.

This just confirms that those individuals who promote this ridiculous law are either downright stupid or heavily bribed by those who feel threatened to loose profit and power (Big Pharma). It’s no wonder this country is in such a sad shape.

If the FDA can’t crush us, they die. We must keep the bright lights of science and performance shining in their ugly, corrupt, demonic faces until they cry “Uncle”. Then most of them should attend prison

Dr. Katherine Gregoratos

Do they have Naturopathic Physicians working w/ them? Is there someone I can write a letter to specifically @ this time or is it best to comment on the draft you mention above?
Thank you,
Katherine Gregoratos, ND

The problem with all such regulations and laws that try to control human behaviour is that they turn good, honest people into criminals.

There will always be a contingent who will insist on getting the health supplements, raw milk, and locally-butchered meat by any means — including what will soon become a thriving black market.

An unregulated black market will make more people sick than carefully sanctioned legal access to such things.

This will mean more patients at the hospitals-more expenditure for medicare.
A sicker nation.

I haven’t got much in the way of money to offer, but I do have plenty of passion for this and will make the time to help however I can. Thank you for ALL YOU DO.

I am a citizen and a mother of an autistic child who has benefited greatly from dietary supplements.
It has enabled him to live free of pharmacological drugs which has horrendous side effects. As evidenced by the fact that the one son with autism took supplements. He weighs 150 pounds and has a strong heart and organs. Our other son suffered from trauma and he was given by hospitals and practitioners pharmacological drugs. He shot up from 220 to 275 pounds in less than six months and died. I urge you to think closely before you shut off this non-pharmacological avenue to help our citizens that keeps them safe without exposing them to the toxicity of pharmacological drugs.

This is sooo stupid. Why don’t they go after church potlucks or kids lemonade stands, oh wait, ‘they’ already are. Seriously. Why don’t they do something that would really benefit people, like stop the forced medicating through floridated water?

What do we the consumer need to do to stop FDA and Goverment
takeover of our freedom to stay healthy? They have know idea how many people will die and also be unemployed. It’s time to take back our country and stay THE LAND OF BRAVE AND HOME OF THE FREE.

Drink Monavie Active for you joints, Monavie Pulse of you heart, Monavie Mmum for everything else.

Someone needs to expose the relationship between the FDA, Big Pharma, the EPA, the politicians and the medical community.. I know many people are aware via the internet but it is not enough. The average American is in the dark about what the government is doing and how it will effect them in the long run

I rely heavily on natural products and not on prescription drugs, this is just one more way the government is trying to
control my life.


I cannot believe the stupidty of the FDA. How can I trust anything from them when they interfere with a citizen’s right to choose supplements without government interference. Sincerely, Elizabeth Clapp

Leave food suppliments alone. Even highly tested prescription medicines apparently were insufficiently tested and passed instead on bribes, rather than data. We need a source for non-government regulated natural food suppliments that can get to the consumer for us to make up our own minds of wheather to use or not. I will be no less safe than taking FDA “approved” and more expensive medicines that later cause birth defects and death.

I agree the heartedly with this article. Facts are facts and you laid them out beautifully. Thank you!

Very flowery in the writing. I do not consider myself stupid by any means and I had to read this 3 times to figure out what you were trying to say. Please, in the future get to the point with a bit less flourish!

The FDA’s plan is a total and complete infringement on our hard-won US Citution.
We are supposed to be a free country. What kind of image are we imparting to the rest of the world? Brain washed & ignorant?
The FDA has no business whatsoever attempting to dominate our lives in this manner.
Thank you,
Rondi Terracino

Yes the new war has indeed begun. Currently the FDA, despite major public opposition, is attempting to drive supplement manufacturers out of business at an accelerated pace, thus eliminating safe and effective supplement products. To reverse this, we must contact our elected representatives in congress and demand an immediate repeal of both FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) that puts supplement companies unable to afford the associated costs with no choice but to dissolve. Then, vote wisely in 2012 to defeat candidates that votes in favor of limiting our freedoms when it comes to our health.

The less government interference we have in our lives the better off we will be. The drug companies have the health care professionals working for them prescribing their drugs and the government working for them by passing inane laws. Neither group goes unrewarded. The Dr gets paid vacations and the lawmakers get huge campaign contributions. The American citizen gets you know what.

Thank you for keeping us informed. What else can we do to stop this?

This attack on Safe, Natural, Effective optionS Is Not Mystifying to me AT ALL. The FDA is merely the Thugs for Giant Pharma anD they could care less about peoples Health!!! Profit and More Profit Is ALL the FDA/Giant Pharma care about.


The entire /reason/ that the Western Diet causes Western Disease is because of decisions like this one.

When convenience-foods were becoming more prevalent and industrialization (read: forgot how to cook) was proceeding, heart problems started to develop. The heart-studies commissioned the AHA by Congress resulted in the verdict that Americans should eat less red meat. The red meat industry said no.
The next closest correlate which could be found was “dietary fat” (read: don’t like junkmail blow up postoffice) and the formulation of the food pyramid up until just recently… note it still serves as the basis.
Anyway long story short people started eating low fat foods with alarming sums of sugars, salts, and damaged fats (hydrogenation et al) and now on top of heart-problems we see diabetes, obesity, autism, and worse.

People ate best at the turn of the century, quite before the industrialization and mechanization of the food industry came to the point that it has.

When the FDA paints NATURAL SUPPLEMENTS with the same brush as DIETARY FAT it’s going to make some people tie themselves into knots trying to follow.

The early Greeks knew: “Let food be your medicine”. Nutritional supplements, herbs, and natural products, used for hundreds of years, are far superior to anything Big Pharma has come up with. In fact, they try to duplicate useful herbs in the laboratory, patent their formula, and then try to prevent us from using the real thing. The FDA should cease being the mouthpiece of the Pharmaceutical Industry!

We have all been struggling to keep our God given freedoms for a long time. I have been organically gardening, vegetable juicing, growing many of my own herbs and studying and learning how to take care of my health and the health of my family for about 40 years. Nothing has changed. We will always have to make an effort to educate everyone that will listen and continue to fight greedy corporations that will always think more about feeding their pockets than caring for their fellow man. I have not taken a pharmeceutical or even an over the counter aspirin in over 10 years. Nutritional supplements are very important to me and my family. They fill in the gaps when life gets busy and I don’t take enough time to juice as often or put up enough of my own organic veggies to get us through the year. I don’t want anymore of our freedoms compromised. Staying healthy allows for a wonderful quality of life and nutritional supplements should be available for everyone. They save money and lives. Pharmeceuticals are only symptom chasers, they cure nothing, have far to many side affects and kill people on a daily basis. Nutritional supplements and a healthy life style makes sense and I will never give up fighting for that choice.

This warfare on health and supplements is OBVIOUSLY an attempt to promote pharmaceutical companies and create more sickness. We need to get government out of the picture.

Edward Schneidmiller

After reading some of the comments above, I am in complete agreement with them.
If you want to really help stop the FDA, then write an e-mail to and in two or three senstences tell her you do not want the FDA’s NDI restrictions on your supplements

We want to remain healthy without all the Pharmaceutical companies breathing down our necks, for more money. These are natural, organic & herbal Supplements! My grandmother lived to be 92 years old, never took a pharmaceutical drug in her life, and she was in fantastic health! She slipped and fell & they put her in the hospital. The MD took away all her Organic/Natural Vitamins & Supplements & replaced them with Pharmaceutical drugs & she was dead within 6 months. U go figure! Her POA (she obviously had a hidden agenda)overrode my grandmothers wishes & that of the family. That was 4 years ago. Her rights as a human being were violated! We do not want the FDA dictating to us our health & wellness! We do not need the FDA approving our Vitamins & Supplements. The FDA never approved any of our supplements before and now out of the blue, they want to start? If I am not mistaken, The FDA don’t even regulate the fishing industry! Thats what the FDA should be doing. No Fish in any store or supermarket is FDA approved! What about the Mercury levels? Are the consumers warned about the unhealthy levels of Mercury in their food? Of course not! Consumers eat alot of fish! You go figure! We have been doing just fine! My husband was diagnosed with Stage III Melanoma. He refused radiation & Chemotherapy. He only takes his vitamins & supplements. He was diagnosed in Feb 2011. Today, there is no sign of his cancer. Can you just imagine if everyone were to refuse their chemo & radiation? Unfortunately, I believe that Chemo & Radiation will kill you faster than the cancer itself! But the MD will tell you it is the best thing for you…I wonder why? There’s lotsa money involved, thats why! The hospitals & drug companies would lose alot of revenue. This is all about the money, and you can be assured of that! Do they have a cure for cancer? I believe they do, but Cancer makes too much money. Cancer is a big business!!!! If a person stays away from all the additives/preservatives in their foods, I believe we could actually wipe out Cancer. Now, the FDA approves of all this crap in our food! Do you think there is a hidden agenda? I bet there is! If there was no sick people, there would be no need for medicines! Can you just imagine the revenue lost? The FDA needs to stay away from our way of life! Let the government take the pharmaceutical medicines & see how long they last! Oh, thats right. They are allowed to choose their HealthCare & anything else they want, at the taxpayers expense, of course! We as a people, must stand together and not let the FDA or anyone else keep us quiet on this issue! We as a people, are entitled to our rights & freedoms which is written in the Constitution of The United State of America! Lets take a stand on this issue, TOGETHER!!!!!!

After years of being managed by an HMO and taking FDA approved medications, I was sick, tired and losing thyroid and liver function. I felt hopeless and frustrated. I no longer use any doctor that prescribes any medication produced by big pharma. My last blood test revealed my liver function to be improved, and my thyroid is coming back too. My naturopathic physician is a godsend. Her care has been the best I’ve ever received. Her treatments make sense and her products have improved the quality of my life. I will never take another pharmaceutical drug again. The pharmaceutical drugs were ruining my health and never cured me, they just gave me more side effects and ruined other bodily functions. The FDA is a joke. If they think we believe they are there to protect us they sadly believe their own PR. Stay away from me. You have been trying to kill me for 50 years, and shame on me for believing you had my best interest at heart. I am curing myself with the help of a REAL doctor. Not some guy driving a Mercedes he bought with his royalties from a pharmaceutical company. The FDA should take a good hard look at what they are doing, and why it is they think they ought to. Oh yeah, they are saving their big pharma money for their own Mercedes. Enron, BP, wall street…when are taxpayers going to wake up and realize that they are giving up their rights every day to a big government that lies to them by telling them they are free. If the right to choose my healthcare method is regulated by the FDA I will not be able to afford the choice. I feel so free…free to die.

FDA,Get off our backs! I almost died from a Merck Pharmaceutical drug, “Singulair”! WHy is it still on the market and why don’t you do the job the people of the USA have hired you to do, “Protect Us” ? Leave our supplements alone. Apparently, you want us all sick on pharma drugs so we will all die early and you will line your fat cat pockets with more profit from the death of people!! Along with most Allopathic Physicans who are now nothing more then Drug Pushers! Get a Life and leave ours alone! This is a “free” country? I am alive because of a Naturopathic Doctor and because I quit taking pharmaceutcal drugs and the Doctor said I was going to die if I stopped Chemotherapy? I have been doing wonderful, all labs normal since I stopped pharma drugs. You take the drugs, since you promote them! Thousands of people die weekly from pharmaceutical drugs and because someone dies (1 person) of some off the wall reaction, you are going to regulate what I take? Sorry, you will not control my life and Americans do NOT need your protection! Niether does the UK which their drug regulators have successfully made even peppermint illegal! Give these drugs to your own families and I will give mine healthy supplements!` WE WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS! And you should be shut down for destroying the Amish Farmers business!!! You should be ashamed of yourselves and I promise what goes around comes around! How do you sleep, unless you are mere sociaopaths!!!Which seems to be the moral majority in these times, fooled by all of us!

The constitution was written to protect our freedom. It was written with great effort, thought and struggle by great men who seemed to understand the nature of man and his tendency to become corrupt and greedy for power and control. It assumed the intelligence and ability of every citizen to make his or her own decisions and choices. Our government is operating on opposite assumptions and is driven by greed and the desire for power. When we give over responsibility for our bodies and health to others, we risk a lot! We have come as a society to believe that healthcare involves a pill or procedure for every symptom is the answer and we slide down a slippery slope to death… We are being told that we don’t need vitamins or supplements because we can get everything from our diets… Really – and what of foods that are picked before the vitamins and minerals are there, or of soil that lacks the minerals or of food that is highly heat processed so all the enzymes are de-activated or of food that is genetically modified or of taste buds that have been perverted to desire the things that are not healthy for our bodies??? And we trust the FDA – now they are pointing the finger at consumers – the ones who trusted them to protect us… They did not, they won’t and it will always come down to what makes the most money. It is up to us to be wise, to seek truth and to follow it! WE cannot blame anyone but ourselves. Eat like you live in the Garden of Eden!

The FDA sold us out to big pharma many, many years ago.
It is time to clean it out and start over …It is of no help or value to the people. we are just wasting every dollar we give to the FDA. Plus they have become dangerous to our health, a good example of this is the mercury, GMO and floride.
Where will it end?

[…] The response to our petition drive to stop the FDA’s “Draft Guidance for Industry: Dietary Supplements: New Dietary Ingredient Notifications and Related Issues” – a true threat to your health freedoms – has been nothing short of inspiring. To read more about the dangers of the proposed NDI Guidance, check out our website: – and pay particular attention to James Gormley’s “The FDA’s Plan to Cripple the Health Food Industry: Their New War Has Begun“. […]

Hopefully if you have a conscience, you will let your conscience be your guide INSTEAD of corporate interests.


If you do not channel your frustration and anger productively, it’s all for naught. I challenge you to be active in your local town meetings, voting when the polls are open AFTER researching the candidates and finding out what the bills and changes to any bills are actually proposing.
Don’t forget that the FDA knows exactly what it’s doing in forcing its control over your choices. They are also keeping you busy being defensive so that there is less offensive competition, which would be a positive move for the economy and trends for increasing quality, as opposed to the ‘dumbing down’ of product quality. They are also getting you to focus on your own little problems, instead of seeing the larger picture of their increasing power and monopoly. Their excuse is that they are protecting you from getting product that hasn’t been properly tested. They would do better by just correcting the medications they allow to be sold to be properly tested before putting them on the shelves, then having to recall them after several trusting people have had severe and/or fatal reactions to their ‘safe drugs.’ The lawyers are having a field day!
Have they been successful in getting you to forget about the grand company,Monsanto, and how they are ruining crops here in the U.S. and all over the world by their ‘genetic advancements’? If you don’t know about it, you may want to do your own investigating. Their commercials are just so beautiful, they can’t possibly be out to control the entire seed industry, acquiring land free of charge from Monsanto farmers that can’t pay for their seed and insecticide (a derivative of Agent Orange), because Monsanto charges too much for them to stay in business and feed their families. (There is a documentary available: “The World According to Monsanto”). They are protected by our U.S. Government.
Sometimes I feel like the rug is being pulled out from under me, as these things are so out of my league. But if you and I want to make a difference and be heard, we can write to our congressmen, get active in our local community meetings, speak out against these atrocities after doing sufficient research (to know what we are talking about), and do a lot of praying.

I do believe all of the ideas you have introduced on your post. They’re really convincing and will definitely work. Still, the posts are too quick for novices. Could you please lengthen them a bit from subsequent time? Thank you for the post.

Thanks for your comment—-we need to work harder at posting shorter entries for everyone’s benefit!
James (Gormley)

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