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YOU Are the Truth Championsgormley

By James J. Gormley

Facts. Truth. What is it about versions of these words that have had shifting uses and meanings throughout the millennia? They have been morphed into tools of propaganda, instruments of oppression and even edicts from kings or despots—who say what they decide is the truth.

Many of us who are believers in natural health and champions of health freedom are intimately familiar with facts (some of them disturbing) and truth (some of it not accepted).

We’ve seen these facts and truths taken out of context or twisted to mischaracterize and discredit the science and the proven health practices behind what we believe in, and know to be true, about our health and about what works to enhance it.

Dietary supplements are a favorite whipping boy of the nutrition naysayers and health hold-outs.

Mass media coverage and the anti-supplements grandstanding of some U.S. legislators from Illinois and New York aside, the Wild West pretty much ended about 1890 and over-the-counter (OTC) drugs are actually the rightful heirs of the Traveling Medicine Show patent medicines of old.

For every critic or skeptic with blinders on, there are many more true champions of natural health out there. They might wear a lab coat, or give lectures, or answer customer calls about dietary supplements.

They might be a neighbor who is working as a health coach or a nutritionist. It could be a knowledgeable friend or family member.

It could be you.

With all of the talk this past year about fake news, we are proud to stand with you, a Citizen for Health. As always, we work hard to shine a light on credible and actionable information on many areas that impact our health, food and water.

And we count on you to steer us in the right direction so that this health advocacy collective called Citizens for Health can always be a force for positive change and a powerful platform for informed action.

And that’s the truth.

James J. Gormley is Vice President and Senior Policy advisor for Citizens for Health. He is an award-winning blogger and author, including Health at Gunpoint: The FDA’s Silent War Against Health Freedom (Square One, 2013).

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