Vaccine Update

By Jim Turner, Esq.

The legal team that filed a law suit in federal district court in Washington DC against the New York state mandatory swine flu vaccinations got preempted before a hearing could be held when the state withdrew the mandate. The team then amended its complaint to include plaintiffs under five years old in New Jersey who faced a mandatory flu shot by state law.

During the hearing on the case the judge denied the amendment and directed the new plaintiffs to refile a new and separate case. As the team prepared the new case New Jersey withdrew its mandate until December 31. Now that the New Jersey mandate is back in place, and given several locations and jurisdictions which are threatening to impose or are imposing mandates the team is preparing a new case to be filed within the next ten days.

The DC cases are part of a national resistance to mandatory flu vaccination which is making it increasingly difficult for governments and the drug industry to force people to get shots. They are also also part of the growing skepticism about the entire swine flu debacle which is creating increasing pressure to find out who and what caused the flu scare and why. We will provide more information on mandatory flu shots as it develops.

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Excellent. Not only is this flu vaccine an unnecessary expense, it is a potentially unsafe one. And when it comes ro civil liberties, mandating vaccination has to be high on the list of Outrageous Things Our Government Wants Us To Do.

If the vaccine works, all the vaccinated people don’t have anything to worry about from the likes of me. If it doesn’t, well, they’d better learn how to improve their immunity. And they won’t learn how by talking to any establishment doctor-type.

Thanks for the update.

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