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Mark your calendars for a free online event that is a must for anyone trying to make informed decisions about vaccinations. On January 10 watch the first episode of “Vaccines Revealed” – a 9-part docuseries, where you can hear from the experts and decide for yourself! A new episode will be available every day through the 18th of January.

FREE and Online Here!

We at Citizens for Health remain committed to bringing you the truthful, non-misleading news you need to make informed decisions about maintaining health and wellness for yourselves and your families. Many folks find it challenging to sift through the ongoing dialogue around vaccinations, given that it is an extremely emotional issue for parties on both sides. It certainly doesn’t help that for decades Big Pharma has controlled and manipulated the media to keep certain truths hidden.

For example:

  • Robert Kennedy Jr. just released a book about mercury and vaccines, all science-based, but he can’t get anyone to promote it.
  • An actual whistleblower within the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention came out less than a year ago and said he was “ordered to doctor” the results of the 2004 study that said autism wasn’t related to the MMR vaccine.

What can you do?

Tune in January 10th. Watch and share the FREE online docuseries “Vaccines Revealed“, with a new episode airing every day from January 10th through the 18th.

The producers traveled the world with an award-winning documentary team and put together a Hollywood-quality documentary series that promises to have a lasting impact.

You won’t want to miss a single episode.

Register here now!

And please, share this with your family and friends so they can make more informed decisions about maintaining their health and wellness!

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