View Trailer for Full Signal Movie (about EMF)

Full Signal Documentary Trailer from Full Signal on Vimeo.

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Looking forward to seeing the movie. We’re glad to see that the info is getting out there. EMF/EMR is growing daily and we’re affected in many small ways now that we probably don’t even realize…but the long term effects can be devastating, and yes, life threatening. Even more pervasive than smoking, since you can’t just leave the room to get out of the pollution. We believe in protecting yourself by wearing a
BioElectric Shield, and using protection on all cell phones and technology. We’ve been beating this drum since 1990 – we have many many fans, and, of course, a number of people who think we’re nuts. You decide, are you comfortable ignoring the growing evidence and acting as if you’re safe? Or are you ready to do something to ensure the safety of yourself and your family?, Carolyn

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