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Stop the Shot Litigation Update

This past October (2009) Dr. Gary Null, PhD, Dr. Rima E. Laibow, MD, Natural Solutions Foundation and Foundation for Health Choice were joined by a group of New York health care workers who had been mandated to receive the “Swine Flu” and seasonal flu vaccines.

A couple days before the November 2nd Federal Court hearing in the District of Columbia, challenging the Federal Government’s purchase of $6.4 billion of vaccines from five drug companies; their approval by the FDA; their recommendation by CDC and their distribution by HHS, New York citing claimed vaccine “shortages” temporarily suspended its mandate. The Federal judge said that the plaintiffs had prevailed against the mandate and therefore no longer had “standing” to challenge the underlying Federal government approval of the vaccines without safety testing. The government claims, inconsistently, that H1N1 is a “novel pandemic” virus, but the vaccine is merely a “change of strain” that does not need safety testing.

See this video report from the attorneys on the case:

A month later the Stop the Shot Litigation team was ready to go to Court again, this time with a group of New Jersey parents who were mandated to have their children receive an annual flu shot before using state-licensed child care. As the papers were being finalized, the State of New Jersey, also citing the same alleged “shortages” suspended its mandate, thereby preventing these plaintiffs from challenging the vaccine approvals.

Now it’s time for Round Three of the Stop the Shot Litigation. The Federal authorities have approved combining the H1N1 vaccine and the seasonal flu shots for 2010/2011. The legal team, including Jim Turner of the DC firm of Swankin & Turner, joined by Leslie Fourton, Esq. of New York and several others, including New York attorney Patricia Finn, Alabama attorney Larry Becraft and Natural Solutions Trustee Ralph Fucetola JD, are prepared to file the case again, now that the NY and NJ suspended mandates have been partially reinstated, while other plaintiffs from other states have lost jobs, or suffered other harm as a result of the FDA vaccine approvals.

This case gives the Health Freedom Movement its best chance in decades to reverse the dangerous public policy of ever more mandated vaccines, especially in the case of influenza where the only meta-study of vaccine research shows that there is no significant benefit from the flu shot, while its potential risks are unknown since there has been no safety testing in several decades (and what testing was done was flawed).

To succeed in this litigation, we need strong public support. The attorneys involved are donating much of their time, but they have other costs and expenses, including paying their office staff. Therefore we are reaching out to concerned Health Freedom advocates and supporters: PLEASE DONATE GENEROUSLY to support this litigation!

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