Why We Must Vote Yes on Prop 37

By author, activist, and concerned mother, Shiva Rose, via the Huffington Post

This month here in California, we will have a chance to know what is in our food supply. Prop 37 will require companies to label foods so we as consumers can know for certain if a product is organic or not. As a mother attempting to feed my children in the healthiest way, this seems like a no brainer. Why would it even be an issue to want to know if something is genetically modified or not?

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It has recently come to my attention that that obnoxious and deceptive advertisement from an alleged doctor at Stanford University was a total fraudulent hoax from the Hoover Institute. As this and other outrageous false claims (lies) paid for by Monsanto et al. clearly contributed to the absurd defeat of Prop 37, it seems to me that a lawsuit based on truth in advertising is not only realistic but advisable. What can we do?
Eliot Ivanhoe, MD

no to gmos

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